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Blocked by a bull.


Brendan went walking again today and he took his camera with him, but his access to the area he wished to photograph was inaccessable because Ferdinand ( a very large bull ) was cosied up to the stile along with all his girlfriends plus babies and he was looking less than friendly, and although Brendan is far from faint hearted, he decided discretion was the better part of valor on that occasion and advised a few other walkers that it would be best to cross the farmers field instead. Well, they ignomeneously turned away at which time Ferdinand and all his devoted followers bellowed in unison as though they were saying, Yeah! chickens, Boo.
P. S. It was me who christened the Bully Bull Ferdinand as I thought it suited him.

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Lovely story B! They sound like characters from a Disney cartoon! Or a gangster with all his molls! I think it was wise not to go near that field, it sounds a bit like that joke about a sign on the gate, beside a field with a bull in it, which read "If you think you can run across this field in 30seconds, don't! The bull can do it in 25!" Lol!:0)

3 Sep, 2011


Very wise decision I think, I`m even scared of just the cows, a field with both would be a big no go area for me.
Ferdinand is always a good name for a bull, lol.
Libet, how about this one, ( I `ll do the polite version, use your imagination for the original)
Old bull and young bull let into a field of cows, young bull says "lets run down and mount a few of them" old bull says to young bull " lets wander down slowly and mount all of them"......

4 Sep, 2011


Lol! Ooooerrrr!! Lincs! you're such a boldie!! ;0) but, that's a good'un! Teehee!

4 Sep, 2011


Hi Libet & Linclass. I agree with your comments and then some. I wouldn't even stand on the other side of the stile. You never know, that Ferdi. sounds like he might just step over the stile or even just nudge it aside. Love the jokes, and haven't the bull boys just got it made?

5 Sep, 2011


Thanks for the chuckle girls......... :o)))

11 Sep, 2011

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