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SANDWELL VALLEY COUNTRY PARK (five and a half mile walk)


This week, as you can see, we visited Sandwell Valley. It’s run by Sandwell M. B. C. on the River Tame in the middle of the urban conurbation between Birmingham and West Bromwich in the West Midlands.
About 660 acres and site of the disused Sandwell (Jubilee) colliery. The Priory was built in the 12th century and was a Benedictine Monastery. There is a RSPB site here which attracts over 150 different species of birds.

Hide on stilts in the water here.

The RSPB site here attracts over 150 different species of birds. Here’s a proper bird watcher.

Off again.

Lots of this blossom, prunus?

Bit of a poser, he lives on Swan Lake

Loved this old tree

The Priory ruins

Four herons in this pic, sorry ot’s so poor, but there are two in trees one on the bank and one wading. I’ve not seen so many herons together before.

Anyone have any idea what these are? I thought maybe dangly bee hives.

Now to the carvings which begin here.

This is a fallen tree end, go around the side and voila! Isn’t that marvellous:-)

I’ve spotted what I think is a weasel, badgers, grubs and a mouse:-)

Heron sculpture, bottom right right you can just see some metal tubes which make a nice noise when you hit them with stick provided …. yes I did:-)

Can you see the bird sculpture hanging over the farm pond?

Hazel and I popped into the farm shop to use the loos, I bought some free range bacon…
I hid it from these …

Hope it wasn’t too long for you, seven mile walk I think next … eek!:-)

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Interesting blog Ba, what a lovely place to visit, so much to see and do.
Recently we spent some time in a bird hide with a 'proper' birder and saw so much more that we would alone
you did well at 51/2 miles 7 will be a breeze......not for me though!

those sculptures are incredible, I'd love some here...

7 Mar, 2014


Thanks Pam, I didn't think I'd be able to walk that far, but when you're walking and talking it seems easier somehow, and don't forget there's a meal at the end!:-))

7 Mar, 2014


Ah !......little drink too?

Its hills that do me, its nice and flat there, as you say lots of chatting helps the walking :0)

7 Mar, 2014


What a fantastic walk, with some wonderful views and interesting things to see. Thanks for the pics to help bring it all to life and for allowing me to come along.
I'm now exhausted and need to put my feet up with a cuppa and a biscuit...

7 Mar, 2014


Looks like you had a lovely walk BA. Its a lovely place to go for a wonder.

Its been a while since I've been up there. Used to go cycling round Sandwell valley most weeks in summer. Not been since my dad came off his motorbike though. Those sculptures are lovely, I'll have to go take a look one of the days.

Did you see the Sandwell well? If I remember rightly it's near Sandwell Priory and is supposedly linked to the origin of the boroughs name (not sure how true that is mind).

7 Mar, 2014


I enjoyed this walk with you BA , thank you ! I'll let you do the seven miles though ! lol
I loved all the carvings, especially the badger with the little hedgehog ! I didn't know there were 150 species of birds !
What a lovely day you had !

7 Mar, 2014


Wonderful walkthrough, looked like you had a nice day.

7 Mar, 2014


Fantastic walk and carvings thanks for sharing.

7 Mar, 2014


Cor... I'm puffed out, thinking about the next walk tissue paper earrings this time? Lol....enjoyed my walk and the sculptures:-))

8 Mar, 2014


Lovely blog,Ba..and what a healthy lady you are,walking all that way! I love the old trees and wood carvings..and those little piglets are adorable..I'm glad it looked to be a nice day with blue sky ,ideal for walking :o)

8 Mar, 2014


I really enjoyed that it looks a great place, so much to see and photograph, I love the sculptures and would have been in my element searching for them along the way, and the carvings in the fallen trees are amazing, wouldn't it be great to have one in the garden.
Smashing blog Ba........

8 Mar, 2014


Brilliant blog Ba, and I find it amazing how much easier walking is when you have company to chat to! Loved those imaginative carvings . . . thanks for the smile :)

8 Mar, 2014


Enjoyed walking through the park with you Ba ... :o)

11 Mar, 2014


Thank you all for your lovely comments, although there is one of you (you know who you are) who alluded to my mishap when walking around Shugborough (last blog). When I say there was no mishap, I should mention that Catherine, who is going with me to France, and who pointed out my faux pas on my last blog, spilt her drink over the woman sitting next to her at the after walk lunch. Two mishap prone women off to France together then:-))

11 Mar, 2014



12 Mar, 2014

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