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I have a problem which I hope you can help me with. I have 2 acers which should be Acer Orange Dream. The other one is A.Katsura.
Here they are, first A. Orange Dream. As you can see it is very lovely,

but so different from the next A.Orange Dream shown here. Admitedly, this one is not as far forward, but to my unskilled eyes looks rather different.

Next is Acer Katsura which has a very different shape again. Is it my imagination, or do I have three different acers? My other acers are not ready to be photographed, but will be when their leaves are properly infurled:-)

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my acer orange dream is like your second photo ~ they all look lovely to me
bampy is the one to ask!

16 Apr, 2012


Sorry I can't help Ba . . . but what gorgeous trees, whichever they are!

16 Apr, 2012


like Sticki - my Acer Orange dream is looking exactly like yours except much smaller - it was tiny when I bought it last year! My Acer 'Eddisbury' which is red stemmed like yours also look very similar at the moment.

16 Apr, 2012


Sorry cannot help, just had to say that they are lovely whatever they are...

16 Apr, 2012


katarina and kasy have orange dream too

16 Apr, 2012


soil, moisture, temperature, feeding, it all varies from season to season. So many different acer hybrids out there now its hard to put a definite name to some of them.
Googled 'Autumn Moon' earlier to check if I had the right name for one of mine, popped into 'images' & the variations I saw for this one was interesting.
Hard to tell if you have a 3rd type Bornagain but I have to say they are all stunning. Pop some more photos as they develop, always nice to see them growing in different locations.

16 Apr, 2012


Love them all BA,but wouldnt be able to identify them !!

16 Apr, 2012


Don't worry about the colours, as bampy says due to all factors
see the different colours here over 3 yrs

17 Apr, 2012


I want one of those now!!!

17 Apr, 2012


Me too . . . Acer orange dream looks dreamy . . . :))

17 Apr, 2012


Thanks all for your comments and advice. I bought the second pic Orange Dream off ebay and the other Orange Dream at Malvern Spring Show. Both were good sized when I got them. I suppose it's just where they're planted that makes the difference. I love the graceful shape of Katsura, the pic doesn't do it justice and it has lovely red stems too. I have three other acers, one being Taylor and the other two were 'rescue plants' from garden centre sin bin which I've had over 20 years, many of them spent in pots:-)

18 Apr, 2012


i love acers to BA and i have orange dream like your second one, also i have deep red one which i think is bloodgood just wish they didnt loose their leaves :o))

22 Apr, 2012


Me too Sandra, though I suppose, if they didn't lose their, leaves they would probably stay looking the same all the time and we'd not get the lovely colour changes:-)

22 Apr, 2012

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