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I love the idea of this, none of my friends or neighbours are keen gardeners (apart from one neighbour) and i often have a glut of seedlings,
( i really MUST remember that I dont HAVE to sow the whole packet lol), so its great to know that i can share with my lovely GOYers!

Also, you know when you buy a gardening mag you often get free seeds?,
well theyre not always my cup tea but i keep them anyway but these too could be swapped or just given to whoever wants them.

Anyways, the forecast looks not too bad for tomorrow, we are off out for Sunday pub lunch via a nurseries ive not been to before, i need to buy some clematis to cover the back fences and anything else that catches my eye ;))

Have a great Sunday!! :o)

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Have a nice time B'smum, and enjoy your lunch :o)
I've lost count of the plants and seeds I've given and received from my GoY friends since I joined ... lol that seems like forever :D It's really wonderful !
I hope you find the clematis you want, and lots more too :o)

24 Jun, 2012


Sounds like a perfect day. Enjoy it and hope you get what you want.

24 Jun, 2012


I agree with Hywel. Since joining GoY, I've sent and received some nice plants from members.
Enjoy your day out !

24 Jun, 2012


Its a great idea, and am happy too swap plants and seeds, I did a similar blog not long ago about this too.

24 Jun, 2012


I am another one who always sows the whole packet and can't bear to discard seeds or seedlings! I find it really hard! Enjoy your day B'smum! :D

24 Jun, 2012


Sorry Mad, only just read your blog doh!

Well, change of plan, no nursery or lunch out, the OH and me both in pain today, hes got Sciatica which comes and goes, and I dont know what I've got but ive had pain in my neck and shoulder and tingly fingertips for awhile, i had an x-ray last thurs, might be a trapped nerve, anyway we both werent up for going out, (and of course its raining AGAIN!)

We're supposed to be moving the remaining stuff from the back garden, table, chairs etc, maybe ill ask Alby to do it!

Thanks Bilbo, that sounds a great bargain, only thing is our Asda i quite a way from us :( Im not too fussed which ones I get as long as theyre east to grow, oh and preferably purple or white.

On the subject of swapping, i might list the unopened seed packets and see who wants what if any, i will check the dates 1st of course.

Right, well have a good afternoon folks and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep gardening!!!!!! :o)

24 Jun, 2012


Oooh b's mum! Sounds like you've been spending too much time on related shoulder and neck problems....I have the same issues! ONly one cure....don't spend much time at your computer...sorry!

24 Jun, 2012


hmmmm might have a point there Karen, but, theres no way im spending less time one here!!!

24 Jun, 2012


I am totally here, the OH is in bed, my brother is watching some cr*ppy film, so here I am lol. :o)

24 Jun, 2012


Know how it is Bsmum. I'm sitting here adding new plants. I managed to get them in between good thing...won't need to water them in! When the sun shines it is sooooo warm...heartbreaking really isn't it? And now you're all stuck in feeling unwell too.....:( Hope things get better soon. I am trying to lose weight, and when the weather is like this, all I want to do is eat!!! grrrrr...

24 Jun, 2012


hmmm..... trying to imagine how you are adding plants whilst sitting :/......

Weird weather isnt it, sun, its in its out, it rains, the sun comes out!!.......

The OH has been dieting ( not a faddy diet) just eating sensibly and he's lost a stone, i'm v. proud of him ! He'd had a few mini strokes and the doc advised him to lose weight, he had tried (half-heartedly and unsuccessfully before) but this was a BIG wake-up call for him.

24 Jun, 2012


Those big wake-up calls can be a good thing sometimes! I was sitting adding plants to my 'garden' pages on here B'smum...I'd already added them to the garden itself! lol ;) x

24 Jun, 2012 arms are pretty long...but not 'that' long! ;)

24 Jun, 2012


lolol! I DID wonder Karen!!!!!

24 Jun, 2012


;) lol x

25 Jun, 2012


Is OH any better B'smum?

25 Jun, 2012


No Karen, he didnt go to work today, justed rested and it was easing up, then he stupidly tried to tie his shoelaces(I normally do it) and he couldnt straighten up! so hes back to square one!.

Thanks Bilbo! :)

25 Jun, 2012

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