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Haddon Hall...again!


By bloomer


Just thought I would add a few more pics to follow on from Pansypotters blog on our lovely visit here..mainly of the gardens…

This view has been used in many films,including ‘Pride and Prejudice’ favourite one of our visit..

Carole and I browsing round the Herbaceous border..

We approved !

Two other visitors beat us to this seat !

Hope you have enjoyed both our blogs about this wonderful place..

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It's a lovely place. The sort of place I like to visit.
I enjoyed seeing that knotwork garden. Don't know why but I always like those. (well I call them 'knotwork gardens' lol don't know their proper name)
Nice to see you both enjoying your holiday :o)

16 Sep, 2012


Lovely. A great relaxing holiday by the looks of things.

16 Sep, 2012


it does look a lovely place to go Bloomer, great blog :-)

16 Sep, 2012


Sure did B. lovely photo of you both there.....aaah. so nice. Glad you all had a lovely day. It all looks so green and lush.

16 Sep, 2012


Hey Sandra I missed reading the Information on the gardens, it must have been because I was so engrossed in the talk the guide gave us lol I love all the pictures especially your favourite mine too!!

16 Sep, 2012


Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Loved looking at the photos you took.

16 Sep, 2012


Thank you so much Bloomer for sharing this wonderful view, really amazed of the place and really like the lovely picture of you and Carole, very pretty:-)))))))

16 Sep, 2012


Thank you,Hywel..pleased you enjoyed it..think it's just called Knot garden,but hey,what's another extra word really was well planted out,I loved it too :o)
Thanks is a lovely place,we enjoyed it so much
Thank you,for your nice comment,S.lad..:o)
Thanks would think we were best buddies ,wouldn't you ? ..not far wrong there :o)
Now,Carole...You didn't tell anyone we almost got slapped wrists from her did you? for previously eating our packed lunch in the gardens! ,,Apparently folks,it isn't allowed,but on saying sorry,we hadn't seen any signs to the contrary..we were told the owner doesn't approve of negative signs..we felt like naughty Schoolchildren.! just our luck to bump into her again in the Dining room,of all places ..and as she was going on.. and on ..and on..about her part in the filming there..Harry dropped the bag he was hiding behind his back,with the remains of the aforementioned packed lunch! funny....I wonder what she would have said if we had been sitting at that wonderful table ! ..very pompous lady,full of her own importance..but we did laugh,afterwards :o)
Thank you was a great day out,and we were very happy,as you can see :o)
Thank you,Junna..a truly beautiful place to spend an afternoon..glad you liked it :o)

16 Sep, 2012


Looks fabulous, Bloomer!

I liked the knotwork garden too...

...but not as much as the topiary...backside of a rabbit? and the elephant on his hunkers! :D

And...did you, eventually, muscle in on those seats??? lol! ;D

16 Sep, 2012


Thanks about the topiary :o)..if you notice,some pics have the date on ..these were Russell's I can't take the credit ! Lol...and ..sadly no...we pushed and pushed,but they must have been superglued down ..haha..x

16 Sep, 2012


Bl**dy annoying! LOL!

Off to bed now...OH home...
...but it's not what you're thinking!!!
He's been travelling since yesterday...and I'm on my next cours de cuisine tomorrow at 9...pasta and lobster...

...I just hope I don't have to kill the lobster...!


16 Sep, 2012


Lol,Goodnight and good luck least you won't need many untensils..just two pans of boiling water...sorry ,that's awful,isn't it? It would have to be something from the chippy for me !
I'm logging off too..Downton Abbey just series :o) x

16 Sep, 2012


Ha ha, isn't it awful to be told off like that lol, wish I'd have been there....I'd have pulled faces behing her back ....very brave me:-) I bet you couldn't stop laughing afterwards. Such a beautiful place, too nice to be spoiled by a rude guide:-)

16 Sep, 2012


Lovely place and great pics - well done Russell!! I had that same lecture when I went to Plas Newydd on Anglesey - the moment my tupperware box came out of my bag!! they do love there little bit of authority!

16 Sep, 2012


Lol,Ba and Neellan..She kept us standing so long,I thought I was going to pass I finally managed to get a word in,and told her I needed to sit down..all the chairs had a Teasel on them ! Lol..a subtle hint,not to sit there..which is fair enough..and she found me one,with a a white protective cover on..and marched off at last ! :o)
Thought we were going to have to stay over :o))
All it needed,was a notice as you were going in to the
Hall,and we would have eaten outside...methinks they wanted you to buy something from the tatty looking cafe,before we went in..not the nicest place to sit,on a sloping gravel area ! ..oh,and by the way,we DID finish our packed lunch,although she said to finish what we were eating,and go elsewhere..I think Harry was about to tell her where to go ! Lol.

17 Sep, 2012


I was outside on a bench!! couldn't believe it so I went on a walk about in the garden and ate my lunch there perched on a wall good job it was a sunny day :o)

17 Sep, 2012


Wonderful place to visit ... lovely blog :o)

17 Sep, 2012


Thank you Terra..pleased you enjoyed it :o) x

17 Sep, 2012


You must have seen it at its very best, it's immaculate.

You look very much at home there too, as if you sort of belong to that style of living!! :-) Downton comes to mind!!!

18 Sep, 2012


Thanks Wildrose..wouldn't it be lovely to work in those gardens? ..I love Downton Abbey..:o) I think I would be relegated to the kitchens..another 'Dotty' more like ..Lol.

19 Sep, 2012

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