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My newly found passion for gardening


An all consuming love that has whisked me away from the troubles and strains of everyday life
when the times visit where stress may be found I glance at my windowsills and inhale a deep breath of peace and calm.I see Paquito sunflowers that didn’t just stop growing in the night -they are still there! how remarkable all this creation , how can it be the lettuce seeds have sprouted and the echinacea has germinated – a relief and a wonder at what we can do. The immense surprise that my bird of paradise flowers i picked up on holiday 2 years ago are just sprouting from there superficial micro Madeira that i thought would never work! and the herbs,Lilly bulbs and veg Ive planted out -don’t get me started!!
I am delighted to be part of a world where beauty and life can be unashamedly appreciated and where every tiny effort is rewarded a million times back. let me know if anyone else out there feels the same!

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Hi Jess - Many of us on GOY feel the same - it's a marvellous way of getting rid of any stresses from the day.

Half an hour in the garden works wonders doesn't it ?

26 Mar, 2011


My haven of peace, feel the same Jess, i only have to walk out the back door into the garden and look at a few plants, start to potter about and all the stresses of the day fade away...bliss..

26 Mar, 2011


i think you have come to the right place blazin! welcome to GoY!! just a little walk outside and you see something miraculous and something to make you smile.

26 Mar, 2011


Oh definitely, my garden is my joy and my solace if something is troubling me........

26 Mar, 2011


i think there is also the satisfaction of doing something and seeing the change you have made ~ as well as simply looking at beautiful and fascinating things.

26 Mar, 2011


Hi & welcome from me too,i think we are all of the same mind jess, nothing i would rather do than plant & potter about in the garden or plot.

26 Mar, 2011


Welcome to GoY :)

26 Mar, 2011


thanks for the warm welcome with these comments.
Glad others know what i mean.
whats all you fellow lot up to with your plots/gardens/spaces/havens/retreats/yards?
Today i have been making raised beds out in the sunshine with old wooden floorboars and also burning all the pruned sticks and wood and stuff I STINK now!-
now just need to sort out the soil 2moro for veg.perhaps a visit to the farm is in order.
bye for now x

26 Mar, 2011


hoping to weed and plant tomorrow Blazin but ive had to cook for mother in law's visit today and we dont have sun ~ its cloudy and cold here.

26 Mar, 2011


Hi Blaz I have been getting my fuchsias out of hibernation, I have put them in those plastic plant growing things / propagators. and watering them to get them awake :) I have lost a few in the winter because the bad weather came so early, and I had not got time to put them under cover. But I still have lots - but my favourite plants of all are cacti. I have been growing them since I was a teenager :)

27 Mar, 2011

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