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many years ago i grew broccoli, it was a great success. the top grew like a small cabbage, being poor, i chopped it with some of larger leaves and cooked like cabbage. it was better than cabbage, more taste, greener.
anyone else done this?
i also grew a line of onions, alternately with a line of carrot, never had any problem with carrot or onion fly
space was at at premium so grew cabbage with beetroot inbetween or cauliflower with beetroot, idea was one grows on top the other underneath.
had great success with all produce.

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Many Thanks didn't know about the broccoli leaves, and this is a great tip for making the maximum use of space. Did know about the onion and carrot companion planting, though. Great tips to pass on!

25 Jun, 2010


Companion planting can work very well - the onions give off a pungent smell to repel invaders, but you are also growing two vegetables which feed at different soil levels, Onion roots are very close to the top of the soil, while carrots on the other hand feed deeply, boosting the productivity of your patch. I grow basil in with tomatoes to boost the fruit and Marigolds in the veg patch as an organic pest control.

26 Jun, 2010


companion planring was my priority, cabbge/carrot. cauli/beetroot. carrot/onion, broccoli carrot, any mixture, over ground and underground in the earth which had a good mix of manure.. other plot, new and old crop potatoes. the next year swop plots ie veg in previous potato plot. worked very well fed a familyof 5 for many years till we moved house

26 Jun, 2010


I would love to hear more BW have you any plans to write a blog about it?

27 Jun, 2010

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