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barn owl


dose anybody know if in the united kingdom if some one has to have a licens to have a barn owl. Like if some one wants to work with them because i would love 2 if any body knows.

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You do need a licence but there are other conciderations, check out this.

10 Jan, 2011


thank you for your information i really appreciate it

10 Jan, 2011


and would i have yo go to a certain college to study them and how do u get a licences

10 Jan, 2011


Lots you need to know about keeping BO's such as Space, expensive to feed, they can live for 20 years in captivity so quite a commitment, also they breed easily so not easy to find a home for them if you change your mind. Look at the Barn Owl Trust site lots of info to help you.

13 Jan, 2011


thanks for the info

13 May, 2011


Did you get any further BB?

13 May, 2011

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