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Early May stroll


By balcony


The title of this blog is a play on the word Early.

I took some photos early in the morning, (7am), early in May, (5th) on my way home after accompanying my wife to work at Tesco.

I took these first two photos of the roundabout very near the supermarket. You can see many 100s of Daffs that Tesco staff planted one Saturday back in the autumn of 2009.

There were 100s of yellow daffs but these have now gone over & the white ones have taken their place;

This is how the roundabout looked on April 12th 2010!

I have mentioned on GoY before that there are 100s of Horsechestnut trees in Huntingdon. Well at the beginning of the 1960s an enormous housing estate was built here called Oxmoor. Along the path called Oxmoor Lane (at least 2 miles long!) the developers planted 100s of Horsechestnut trees which line both sides of the road, & the slopes down to the bus stops. These trees give a spectacular show every May & it occurred to me on my way back home that I could make a blog with these lovely trees & so share them with many people around the country & the world.

So my blog/journey really begins here: This is the point where the parallel path to Oxmoor Lane begins/ends (the road divides the path in two): For the next 1/2 mile (10 min walk) I walked through a veritable tunnel of Horsechestnut trees.

Below is one of the slopes that leads down to the road & the bus stops.

Down below you can see the road that divides the path. On the far side is the original Oxmoor Lane. I’m walking along the parallel path.

Here is a view along the road showing the Horsechestnut trees in full bloom.

The two Horsechestnut trees are like a couple of sentinels standing guard before the new foot bridge over the road & which take people across to the Health Centre on the other side of the road.

The Health Centre roofs can just be made out above the trees on the far side of the road. This modern facility was only finished 2 or 3 yeas ago.

This is the other extreme of our walk. Here we see the Horsechestnut trees marching up the hill in the direction of the way we have just come. It is at this point where the Hawthorn trees line the original Oxmoor Lane for the next mile down to the river.

As my intention was to show the Horsechestnut trees in flower I will finish our walk here – I’ve still another 10 min walk ahead of me before I get home!

Lol! :-)

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Love the Daffs and what a lovely walk through all those tree"s

6 May, 2010


It must be wonderful to see so many horse chestnut trees together. Are they all white or are there some of the pink varieties there aswell ?

6 May, 2010


lovely pics....

6 May, 2010


Nice pictures.

6 May, 2010


Glad everybody liked my little stroll in the early morning!

Yes, Hywel, all the tress are of the white variety. Though I do have a few photos of the pink variety from around town but they are growing in people's garden generally. One of the best is in the grounds of the old Red Cross Centre downtown. I was a part time volunteer gardener there as well for about 3 years.

I took a photo of a pink one just this morning when I had to go downtown.

6 May, 2010


lovely pics balcony and i so love the horse chestnut flowers, so big and bold ;o)

29 May, 2010


Thanks, Sanbaz, unfortunately they are now beginning to fade & after the bank holiday on Monday we will see a great difference. Sadly the exposition only lasts 4 weeks max! In a week or so's time they will be just a dimming memory awaiting next year's display.

29 May, 2010

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