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Rubbish heap!


By balcony


Down on the allotment there was this great heap of, … well, rubbish! It was mostly the remains of 100’s of sunflowers Gerry grew last year. I also found a lot of sweet corn stalks among them.

The very first day I went down there with Gerry, towards the end of March this year, we spent an hour just pulling up sunflowers! We piled them all on this heap. I thought Gerry was going to set fire to the heap. For the last few weeks we were adding to the heap then he told me it was forbidden to make bonfires on the allotments!

For weeks I’d been dying to get rid of it but kept putting it off as there were more pressing things to do. A few days ago I decided it had to go, I couldn’t bear it any longer!!!

So this is what it looked like:

Then I started to put it in the wheelbarrow to cart away:

Going …

Going …

Beginning to make a difference!

Going …

Getting there!

Not finished – just yet!

Phew! What a relief!!! Gone at last!!!

Even though we are not permitted to light bonfires on the site someone had done so once before because I found partially burnt pieces of wood & big hinges as well as ashes.

Once the area is dug over it will probably be rich in potash. The is always a lot of potash after wood has been burnt. Anyone any suggestions as to what we can plant in this place where the bonfire was? Something that will benefit from extra potash?

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I was looking to find you behind the wheelbarrow and somewhere under that heap of branches !
The area certainly looks neater now..... room for more scarecrows ;o)

1 May, 2010


I should think almost anything would do well in the site with all that potash.

1 May, 2010


I'm puzzled where did you put it?

1 May, 2010


I was going to ask that too!!.....Its a shame you can't burn rubbish on site. We got a dust bin type incinerator, that way smoke is kept to a minimum. I expect you are in a built up area and there would be complaints from householders?

2 May, 2010


Job well done...

2 May, 2010


Thank you for your comments.

TT, if I'd been under the rubbish or behind the barrow, how would I have taken the photos? Most of the time I'm alone there. Gerry & I don't coincide there very often!

Gerry told me at church this morning that he had been given a telling off on two occasions for burning rubbish on site!

As for your curiosity, Scotsgran, the rubbish is piled up near the entrance gates where it is carted away periodically by the council for composting on a much bigger allotment site where they have better conditions.

2 May, 2010


That'sa good idea

2 May, 2010

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