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Gerry & Balcony's Allotment in April


By balcony


I have spend some time there during the last couple of weeks & things are beginning to look better.

Here is the bed of autumn fruiting Raspberries before I took the cutters to it, 29th March.


I spend three days, a couple of hours each day, tidying up the Raspberry plot. I cut them all down to ground level, dug out all the perennial weeds, getting the backs of both hands stung by the nettles I had to fight even though I was wearing gloves, then I forked over & raked the soil level – ish.


Now to wait & see the new shoots grow up in a clean bed.

When I finished with the Raspberries I turned my attention to the Strawberry patch:

Before:(10th April)

After:(12th April)

Now: (21st April)

As the soil was very dry I gave them a good soaking.

After the Raspberries & Strawberries & other assorted tasks I got around to planting out the Onion setts I’d been growing on my balcony. This is a photo of the first 2 trays of 15 pots each. I put them out on the ground to get an idea of where to plant them:

13th April

This is what they looked like after I planted & watered them – & DON’T anybody dare laugh or ask where are they! I assure you they ARE there, if you look close enough you WILL see them! Ha ha ha! :-D

Here are a couple of pics of Gerry’s Rhubarb. The 1st from the 10th April:

The 2nd from 21st April. You can see the amount of growth they have put on in only a week & a half!

He planted a couple more pieces he got from somebody a few days ago in the place the shed was originally while awaiting assembly.

We have moved the shed from its original position at the top of the allotment to the other extreme.

The other day I moved the floor, the sides & back to the place we have begun to prepare to one side & below the apple tree.

Finally, to put an end to this months episode of the Allotment Saga, some Plum trees that are in flower at this moment on the allotment. Gerry says they are very sweet.

I’ll publish an update in May.

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Good work done :o)

23 Apr, 2010


I can see your onions!!! You worked really hard. Time for a cuppa now i think

23 Apr, 2010


Thank you both, I'll take that cuppa! It's certainly very hard work & even worse when to dig it you have to do it on your hands & knees! Trying to turn over a forkful causes excruciating pain in my lower back if I try to do it while standing up. :-(

Glad you had your reading glasses on, Great! :-D In my next blog you should be able to see them with out glasses! LOL!

23 Apr, 2010


Or maybe not Balcony hahaha

23 Apr, 2010


You are doing some good work there. My onions look as if "they are not there" as long as YOU know they are

23 Apr, 2010


At least your onion are have yet to be planted! lol

Your allotment is looking food tho for so early!

23 Apr, 2010


You make it sound so exciting :o)
I didn't laugh - honest ... (lol) .. I really could see them.
I look forward to your next allotment blog.

23 Apr, 2010


well done youve done a great job there balcony......

24 Apr, 2010


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! Thanks to a dry, warm month we have been able to "lick" the allotment into some semblance of a food production site - instead of a weed production site! LOL! :-D

Today I planted my lettuces! I had been growing them on my balcony for a few weeks.

Today I also transplanted my Cucumbers. They have been growing in a seed tray & now the first true leaves have made enough progress for me to transplant them into the small black pots I used for the Onions.

I have been watering the Strawberry bed & after just one day, last Saturday, I noticed the difference on Monday. I don't go down on Sundays, at least at present, but they looked much greener & even a few flowers had opened! I've watered them a couple of more times this week & now all the plants have lots of buds & there are more flowers open! We may get some Strawberries after all!

Gerry has planted some rows of spuds but I've not taken any photos of those at presnet - after all, who wants to see rows of soil heaped up? LOL!

24 Apr, 2010


looking forward to the progress.

my garden is shutting down for the winter and have to think of what next to plant before the winter really gets going
my small 6 meter by 4 m has fed me in vegies all summer so with an allotment i could feed a large family which was what they were created for in the first place.

25 Apr, 2010


Phew! A lot of hard work there, but the results are showing already. Looking forward to the next update. :-)

25 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the comments everyone. It's very difficult to give a sensation of depth to the pictures of the plot. It's also very difficult to see just what you are trying to take pictures of as the sunlight makes it almost impossible to see the screen! it's a case of point & shoot, then hope for the best! LOL!

I hope to be able to show something more than weeds or bare soil next time I post an update on the allotment. LOL At least the onions should be visible as well as the lettuces!

26 Apr, 2010

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