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Amaryllis seedlings in bedroom window


By balcony


My Amaryllis seedlings are now starting to flower! I started them way back in 2007! Now they have reached the stage where the buds are high on the plants & the flowers are about to open for the very first time.

This is what they looked like in 2007:

They looked little more than grass shoots back then. They have grown a lot since then.

As I want to keep a record of the colours I have numbered each pot. Now when I take a photo I will know just what colour was in what pot!

All the bulbs here in our bedroom windowsill are in 5" pots as last year they were the smallest & I thought they wouldn’t flower till 2011.

As I had so many plants I had to put them in tiers, as you can see!

This one is the only one up to the present which has shown me the colour of the flower inside the sheath! This only happened because it had got trapped below the saucer of the plant above it. It continued to grow & when I discovered it the pressure had caused the protective sheath to split open. Once I corrected the problem the sheath closed up again & the stem has continued to grow upwards.

I have nearly 50 Amaryllis seedlings all about to burst into flower. The biggest ones are on the kitchen windowsill. They have been in 6" pots since spring 2009. Even so some of the bulbs are almost bursting out of the pots! Some of them have produced small bulblets around the main bulb. I haven’t wanted to move them yet as I want to see what colour flowers they will produce.

These two photos are of the same pot one year apart.

This is what they looked like almost exactly 1 year ago, on 7th April 2009. As is quite clear they grew a lot during the last year!

At least one bulb has two buds showing. The first bud is well on its way up & the second is just getting out of the neck of the bulb. I’m especially interested in what colour this one is.

In a couple of weeks time I will pot a last blog on the seedling Amaryllis with all the bulbs in flower. After that they can no longer be considered seedling anyway!

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Have't you done well!!.....its so exciting for you......look forward to seeing them in flower. :-)

1 Apr, 2010


So am I, Amblealice, so am I!!!

1 Apr, 2010


well done . these look a labour of love.

2 Apr, 2010


wow what a lot of Amaryliss you have... well done they look good...... ive only ever had one bulb and im still waiting 4 it to flower.....

2 Apr, 2010


Have to agree well done.

2 Apr, 2010


Good idea to number the pots with so many and you can keep track of them now

2 Apr, 2010


Thanks guys, your comments are always welcome.

Holly, when did you plant your bulb? If it was shop bought it should flower within about 2 months of buying/planting it. If it is one you were given or have grown on from the previous year the timing of the flower will depend on when you planted it & if it has been through a period of cold.

I had no idea when mine would flower but they are all coming up at the same time, albeit the one in the living room has its 4 flowers open today! None of the seedlings bulbs, that are flowering for their first time ever, show any colour at the moment.

5 Apr, 2010


mine was a present for xmas...... i planted it in january...........

5 Apr, 2010


Shouldn't be long now then. Even if it doesn't flower soon just keep it damp & give it a little fertilizer from the end of the month to built its reserves up. They will flower year after year with a minimum of care, witness my bulb above!

5 Apr, 2010


Thanks Balcony.... i hope it will flower soon

6 Apr, 2010


Don't give up hope, Holly. It's not very common for them to take so long to flower after planting but just keep it moist, not wet as these bulbs generally sit with their shoulders above ground. It will rot if buried like a normal bulb.

Also if you can put it in your sunniest spot during the summer it will help it to build up food reserves for the next time. They are bulbs that relish getting baked in the summer & so it was that I got so many bulbs, & all flowering, over in Spain.

But even here they will flower every year with a minimum of sun. The bulb in the photo above has never failed me the 8 years I've been growing it here. Yet I can't say the same for the other two bulbs that share the same pot. They have only flowered 3 times in 8 years!

7 Apr, 2010


Thanks Balcony

9 Apr, 2010


In about a weeks time I'll make up another blog with the seedlings now flowering.

I've had to wait four years but at last the flowers are beginning to open this weekend. :-) Most of the look as if they are going to be red. There is one white in the kitchen window, it may also have some red feathering inside, too early to say as yet.

10 Apr, 2010


Lovely story Balcony and what an accomplishment. Exciting to see these new ones, from seed. Most of mine are still dormant, they winter late in the house, if at all, so far. :-)

10 Apr, 2010


They are opening their very first flowers today! Four years waiting & now I get to see the results! I must confess to being a little disappointed so far, they are all red with the exception of one white with red on the inside of the flower. These are on the kitchen windowsill but in the bedroom the story appears to be repeating itself - at present one is showing a hint of white while several others are showing they are completely red!

While I am happy that so many are now flowering, including the smaller bulbs I thought would need another year, I had hoped for more colours! Yet not all is lost yet as there are over 40 bulbs & many are still a week or two from opening their first stems of flowers.

11 Apr, 2010


i have put my Amaryliss in a sunny spot indoors ,so i hope it will flower...

11 Apr, 2010


I suppose if most are red, than most amaryllis is unstable hybrids. Red would be the naturally occuring type it reverts back too when left to reproduce itself. Your deviations are the most valuable especially if they repeat themselves from seed. I would guess amaryllis is increased but division most often. So interesting. :-)

11 Apr, 2010


Holly, I put my pot of 3 bulbs out on the balcony a few days ago even though the only flowering stem had not yet gone over. It gets the afternoon sun there & has a little protection from the wind. Hoping to see one of the other two with some flowers later this year.

GT, I imagine you are right. The red flowers are predominant amongst the seedlings but I have a white one with red feathering in the inside that has HUGE flowers! The first flower opened up fully today so I took a couple of photos of it. I also took one of one of the reds that has an enormous flower, too! These are in the kitchen.

There are several red flowers open now on the plants in the bedroom. I have seen that one of the bulbs has produced a white flower as well. I don't know just yet if it will have the red feathering like the one in the kitchen. I'll let you know in a couple of days when it's fully open.

12 Apr, 2010

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