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Dreaming of a white Christmas?


By balcony


“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas with every Christmas card I write”, so goes the popular Christmas time song & this year that’s what anybody who wants a white Christmas & lives in the UK will have to do, as we are having the mildest December it seems since 1977! As I went to live in Spain, in October, that year I can’t compare! But the weather forecasters tell us that that is so according to their records. The month isn’t over yet and more warm weather is forecast from Boxing Day here in the UK!

We had our daughter’s dog with us a couple of days last week & when I took her out I noticed there were a lot of Daisies & Dandelions in flower around where we live. So it occurred to me to look more closely while out with the dog & see just how many spring flowers were actually flowering during the middle part of December.

A few days before I’d noticed that a tree I was sure normally flowered in the spring was actually in flower at the present moment! I even took a photo of it on Sunday,20th December! I’m sure I have more photos of this particular tree as I had to go by it every day for 5 years on my way to work. Unfortunately they are locked away on the hard disk of my desk top computer, which broke down some months ago, & I now have no access to them! :(

While I was out with the dog I noticed some Periwinkle flowering in the undergrowth at the foot of a hedge, it must have been thrown out some years ago by someone cleaning their garden because I’ve seen it other times. It doesn’t grow naturally wild here in the UK.

In a garden, a few minutes later, I saw a lot of Grape Hyacinths flowering or in bud. A couple of years earlier I’d seen these same plants flowering out of spring time when again I was walking the dog but was accompanied by our granddaughter. I remember pointing them out to her. I’ve also seen lots of Primroses flowering in people’s gardens & the Polyanthus, planted by our town council in the carpark in front of the local shops, are flowering as well. I’ve seen Daffodils in gardens here with leaves between 4 & 6 inches high & in one garden I even saw a bud amongst them! I’ve never ever seen Daffodil buds in December before!

On Sunday, 20th, I went to visit a brother of mine who lives in a village a couple of miles from here. On my way back home I saw the Daffodils, that flower every year in the grass verge along the road, were in flower! I was flabbergasted! Never in my 65 years have I seen Daffs flowering in the street in the middle of December!!! I’d heard on the news programmes on TV that in some parts of the UK Daffs were flowering but I never expected to see them this close to home! I took several photos which I include here showing the Daffs flowering in the grass verge alongside the road.

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The hedges are all greening up too.

22 Dec, 2015


My blueberries have wasted next years flowers. When the frost does come it will damage an awful lot of stuff. Remember the panic a month or so ago about all the snow we were going to get?

22 Dec, 2015


Hi Balcony ...
Interesting blog .. definitely trees in bud in my garden and maybe that might spoil the spring blossom. Amazing, your pics of the December daffodils in Godmanchester !

23 Dec, 2015


Thats amazing ,we have wild primroses & Aconites in flower ...

23 Dec, 2015


Yes, it is amazing & the mild weather is forecast to continue after Boxing Day, after the "glitch" of cold weather for Christmas!

23 Dec, 2015


Trouble is, the grass is growing like mad but it's too wet to get on!!
I can see me having a real struggle cutting my customers' lawns in the spring as they will be so long!

23 Dec, 2015


Wow daffodils in December ! Yes Paul my lawn looks lovely and green but just to wet to mow it rained all November here in Wales and December as been the same thinking of building an ark lol .

23 Dec, 2015


It's very mild but I don't mind - I don't like cold weather.
Amazing that you've seen all those flowers in the darkest days of the year !
Things in my garden are not dying back as they usually do but my daffs are not even coming up yet.

24 Dec, 2015


Mine not are only coming up but I've discovered they also have flower buds!!! Never, ever have I see buds on my Daffs in December! Last year I was surprised when their leaves were about 6 inches high at this time of the year - but buds? Never before!

As I was saying to someone at church yesterday, although it would be nice to see spring flowers in December/January, most spring bulbs will not flower again in March or April! So this year it looks like being a sad spring - for bulbs at least! :-((

28 Dec, 2015


I like to plant a succession of bulbs. It's nice to see some flowering later. Pity the ones in the ground don't stagger their flowering ;) lol ...

28 Dec, 2015


You are so right,Hywel! LOL!

Just yesterday I had a look at lots more gardens around here but I didn't discover a single Daffodil in flower! Lots had buds, like mine, but none were in flower.

I did, however, come across a clump of Snowdrops, in a garden I regularly pass, that are among the first to flower each year, normally in Jan or Feb, that were flowering now! There are no sign of any of mine at present even though I searched the pots where I know they normally grow!

29 Dec, 2015


I hope they come up soon. I have a few clumps in the garden that have come up rather suddenly recently.

30 Dec, 2015


Thanks, Hywel, I had a look yesterday again & I think some might be coming through the soil.

Happy New Gardening Year 2016 to you! :-))

31 Dec, 2015


Thank you ... and you too :)

3 Jan, 2016

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