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Sorry most of you have had no word of my whereabouts for the last 3 weeks but my wife & I went to Spain for 2 weeks – no, not for a holiday. We went to assist her sister with their mother.

A week before we went their mother had a fall, no injuries fortunately, but no explanation for it either. So we went over to see them on Nov 4th. The doctor had made out an order for an ambulance to take their mum to hospital when
we arrived. She refused all our pleas & arguments as she thought if she went into hospital she would never come out again.

On Sunday she got really afraid as she found it very difficult to breathe. She then asked her daughter to call the ambulance to take her to the hospital. My wife & I were just ordering lunch with some cousins of hers when her sister called to tell us to come home.

Once in A&E they decided that due to her breathing difficulties & advanced age (90 years old) it would be better to admit her into hospital for further study. She was in hospital for 4 days & they discarded a pulmonary embolism which was first suspected. They discovered that she had an enlarged heart & cancer of the womb lining. The doctors think the cancer won’t kill her & she will probably die of old age. She was sent home with medication for her heart & oxygen for her breathing problems.

Since then she seems to have got a little stronger, no doubt the oxygen for 16 hours a day is helping her. She is again eating a little & getting stronger for that reason as well. My wife talks to her sister & even her mother, every day – sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

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I am sorry to hear about your wife's mother. It is sad that at such an age people have to suffer illnesses, but I suppose we must be grateful for the help of professional workers, and I am glad she has received some treatment for the condition .

I can understand that she did not want to go to the hospital. My own mother was like that. She used to say "If I go in there I'll never come out again !" I suppose she was afraid, so it is understandable ...

I should think it is a worry for you and your wife being so far away. It must make you feel a bit helpless, but travel is much faster these days than it used to be, and you can get there relatively quickly again if needed.

Anyway, I wish your wife and her family a better time over Christmas and into next year, and hope her mother has lots more years to live. She must be a strong lady to have reached 90 years of age :o)

Best wishes to you all x

26 Nov, 2015


well lets hope your mum in law continues to make progress. stressful time non the less.

don't llet it make you and your lady ill though. all the best.

26 Nov, 2015


Oh dear what a worry for all the family lets hope your mother-in-laws condition continues to improve and that they are able to enjoy a Happy Christmas together ,thank goodness for Telephones etc. to keep you in constant contact .. Look after your wife and yourself x

26 Nov, 2015


Sorry this happened Balcony. the others have said it all -
what a wonderful thing it is that your wife can keep in contact several times a day - so much better than having to wait for letters as people used to.

26 Nov, 2015


Sorry to hear this Balcony.....
I am in a similar worrying situation this evening.
My 87 yr old mum had a fall today and has a huge gash on the back of her head.her husband is with her now at the hospital. He insisted we don't go there until he knows what's happening. Last we spoke, and hour or so ago, they were waiting for X-ray results.
The worries of getting old, eh?
I hope things settle down for your mum in law and she can enjoy a peaceful Christmas.
I a, sure my mum will be the same and insist she's not going in hospital.....she can be very stubborn and also has dimentia which makes things difficult!

26 Nov, 2015


I'm sorry to hear your news Paul and very much hope you have better news about your Mum today ☺ ...

27 Nov, 2015


We heard later last night that she'd broken her hip Amy and she was very distressed about staying in hospital. She is, as far as I'm aware in theatre now(or maybe finished now) she was due to go down at 3.30 . Her husband was going to let me know if they cancelled it.

27 Nov, 2015


Thank you all so much for your kind comments! :-))

My wife talked to her mum for a few minutes on the phone today & she says she even laughed at something or the other! She hasn't felt much like laughing in weeks! So that would seem to indicate she is feeling stronger & more like her old self once again! :-))

According to my sister-in-law she is continuing to eat a little every day which makes us feel somewhat more tranquil! She continues with the oxygen & I suppose she may have to keep it for months yet as she doesn't have a revision at the hospital till February next year.

I'm sorry to hear about your mum also, Paul. It's a terrible thing when a hip breaks at so advanced an age! They seldom make a full recovery unless, like my aunt who died at the beginning of this year, they were very active people. My aunt, who lived to be 95, had practised ballroom dancing throughout the majority of her life, she had three hip replacements & still managed to go dancing up into her early 90s. So there is hope yet for your mum! :-))

27 Nov, 2015


Thanks Balcony.....coincidentally , my mum was a very enthusiastic ballroom dancer up until probably 20 yrs ago but no longer. And, alas,she isn't active any longer....she is very unsteady on her feet and since dementia set in a couple years ago, she refuses to go out. She was out yesterday, for the first time in 8 weeks, when she had her fall.

27 Nov, 2015


Good to hear about your mum getting out once again,Paul! It makes such a difference to them when they are able to move outside the confines of their home!

Interesting to hear about her Ballroom Dancing as that is certainly what helped my aunt to recover mobility after her 3 hip operations! It also helped her keep fit & lively &, until her last year or two, mentally active as well!

My aunt went downhill after an accident whereby her foot became trapped in a closing door & she was unable to get her foot out till help arrived by which time the damage was really & truly done & she never went back to her dancing classes. In fact she was too afraid to leave her little flat alone unless her son was with her.

As to my mum-in-law there is little to add to what I wrote in my comments after posting the blog. There are days when she is a little stronger & days when she seems weaker, the only real difference is that she now "needs" the oxygen on for the complete 24 hours a day. Whether that is a true necessity or just her anxiety is difficult to say. My sister-in-law spoke to the doctor about it & was told to leave her with the oxygen as long as she wanted it as it would do her no harm.

Hope your mother recovers her desire to continue going out, it can only do her good while she doesn't have another damaging fall.

3 Dec, 2015

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