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Amaryllis flowering non-stop!


By balcony


Amaryllis flowering non-stop!

Until a couple of days ago I haven’t been with at least one Amaryllis flower open since the New Year started!

Here are a few from January 2013:

Now a further 3 from February:

I had to move the last couple of plants that I had here in the living room, on the dining table, to the kitchen windowsill as the flowers had died.

Now another three form March:

On the bright side in a few days I’ll have another plant flowering! I still have at least 6 or 7 plants that have buds high up on the plants. I even have at least two bulbs where the bud is only just out of the neck of the bulb.

Bulbs showing buds in March:

All the above photos were taken today 16th March 2013.

One is bulb that a lady who lives in the Scilly Isles sent me a year ago this week! It never flowered last year but this year there is a bud that has just cleared the neck of the bulb.

I’m looking forward to seeing this flower in a few weeks time!

Here then a few photos of these lovely bulbs in flower. One this year produced a stem with 4 monstrous flowers fully 20cm (8") across! Normally the flowers are between 6 & 7 inches across but this one is a record breaker – at least for me!

I even have a trayful of seedling Amaryllis from a cross between one of my plants & a plant of a lady in the USA who sent me some pollen from her plants!

These Anglo-American hybrids need potting up into small pots so they can go on to flowering size in about 3 years time.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of my lovely Amaryllis.

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Great blog,never grown them myself.they certainly are beautiful bloom.

16 Mar, 2013


Amazing flowers! I have grown them myself but not recently. I couldn't seem to keep them alive more than one year but that was probably just me not knowing how to look after them after flowering...

Hope your Anglo-American seedlings grow on well, it'll be interesting to see how they flower.

16 Mar, 2013


You've certainly had good value from them this year!!!!!!

16 Mar, 2013


They are gorgeous Balcony, I still didn't get any flowers again this year but my baby bulbs are getting bigger, still living in hope but if I want some flowers in the near future I guess I'll have to treat myself to some new bulbs ....

16 Mar, 2013


You must be our no 1 amaryllis nut, Balcony! they are wonderful, and its very impressive to use American pollen for propagation! Congratulations.

16 Mar, 2013


Best to grow them in groups like this for the best effect.
There is so much to remember with different plant types
throughout the gardening year !

17 Mar, 2013


That red and white one is superb! Definitely my favourite.

King of amaryllis land I think balcony!

17 Mar, 2013


I agree with Sticki lovely plants and well kept. My last one died off this week, still feeding and watering though. At what point do I stop feeding and watering please Balcony?

18 Mar, 2013


Not my thing, Balconey, but I must admit they're striking & there's no denying your passion for them, buddy.
Good work, especially considering the time-scale involved 'til eventually flowering!

21 Mar, 2013


Thank you every one for your comments! :-)) I really enjoy your feedback! :-))

I've written many blogs now on my Amaryllis but if anybody wants more info on growing them I'd be happy to oblige! :-))

Louisa: Try to make sure you never leave them sitting in water as this is the quickest way of killing them off. They would much prefer to be dry than sitting in water. They have thick, fleshy roots which are prone to rotting but are very good for storing water. They won't take frost either although some cold is necessary for them to form flower buds.

I potted up my Anglo-Amercian hybrids into small individual pots a couple of days ago. Now I need only wait another 3 years to see them flower!

Lincslass: Don't worry. Your bulbs may be very small & need a couple of years to bulk up to reach flowering size. Water them with a general fertilizer for a couple of months then change over to a tomato or rose one to encourage flower formation. Just don't let them stand in water or they'll rot.

Thanks for the compliment, Steragram! :-)) You make me blush! LOL!

King of the Amaryllis, me? I do like to grow them & I love to see them flower but I think it's a bit much, Sticki, to call me king!

Oliveoil: You should start feeding them with a general fertilizer as soon as the flowers go over. Follow the instructions on the bottle & be careful not to leave water in the saucer. Give them a high potash feed after a couple of months.

I quite understand you, mouldy, not everyone has that much patience & that's why they cost so much to buy.

21 Mar, 2013


Ok, lets think, if you dont want to be called king?
Amaryllis Ambassador?

21 Mar, 2013


Balcony should I chop down the leaves or leave them on to continue growing. I am feeding still with houseplant food and they look ok still very green leaves. Do I dry them off eventually and start them up again at back end of the year or keep continuing with the feeding and watering regime all year round.

21 Mar, 2013


Please - DON'T - cut off the leaves! Do that & you will lose next year's flowers!

Never cut the leaves off, they provide food for the bulb which will lead to it flowering next year. You are doing good in feeding it, just continue as you are doing for another couple of months before changing to a tomato or rose fertilizer in May. Continue to feed them during the summer months but stop about the end of September. Then let them go dry, don't give them any water whatsoever till you see a bud forming in the neck of the bulb. This maybe in December or January. Only then should you start to water - no fertilizer - only at all times be careful to not leave your plant/s sitting in water for more than a few hours or they will rot. Amaryllis have thick, fleshly roots that can store water but will rot very quickly if left in standing water for any length of time.

If at any time you have questions about the care of these lovely plants you can always send me a PM & I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

I've written numerous blogs on here about Amaryllis so you can always look back through them.

24 Mar, 2013


thank you Balcony have printed off your instructions one for me one for my daughter - hope we manage to keep them for another season at least. Thanks again for all your good advice.

25 Mar, 2013


This week I'm thinking of writing another blog on Amaryllis but this time I want to showcase the seedlings. So keep an eye open for my next blog!

I'm always happy to help so if at any time you need any help, just send me a PM & I'll do my best. Perhaps, if I remember later, I'll send you a PM with links to all the Amaryllis blogs I've written.

25 Mar, 2013

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