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Garlic from allotment lifted today


By balcony


I am much happier this year with the results of my Garlic which I lifted today.

Although the leaves had been attacked by Allium Rust the bulbs themselves looked just fine.

These are the best I’ve had since I started growing Garlic on Gerry´s allotment 3 years ago.

There are still a few plants to lift at the far end of the same bed these were growing in, they are from bulbs, or at least cloves, that I didn’t completely remove from the soil last year.

There are still a few plants to lift in the bed just in front of the greenhouse as well

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Well done, Balcony.
Good news on your garlic :o)

2 Jul, 2012


Thanks, TT! Yes. I'm much happier with them this year! :-))

2 Jul, 2012


Nice to see you're having good results.
I never would have said it was 3 years since you started on that allotment ! How time flies ...

2 Jul, 2012


Lovely bulbs, Balcony. We lifted ours several days ago and they've been drying nicely since then. Wonder how long they'll last us as we seem to shove garlic into everything we eat! :o)

3 Jul, 2012


Bulbs look nice and full...mine are falling apart! But still taste good!

3 Jul, 2012


Well done.

3 Jul, 2012


Thank you all for your comments. :-))

Like you, Hywel, I find it difficult to believe this is only my 3rd year with Gerry, it almost seems I've been working there since always!

Great to hear that you have lifted yours as well, Nariz! Ours will likely last a lot longer than yours! We no longer use as much as we used to when we lived in Spain. When we do it tends to be the dry granules in a glass jar from the supermarket!

Sorry to hear yours are falling apart, Lulu, but as you rightfully say the taste is the most important!

Thanks, Clarice. :-))

3 Jul, 2012


A meal's not a meal unless it's loaded with garlic, Balcony! ;o) BTW, did the pepper seeds do anything interesting?

4 Jul, 2012


Hi, Nariz, I did sow the seeds you sent me but only ONE seed germinated! As I also sowed other, Italian, peppers in the same tray (There were very few of these) I'm not sure if, amongst the half a dozen plants I have on my balcony, one may be from your seeds.

Those are ALL the Peppers I have this year as the ones I sowed in the greenhouse, leftovers from a packet I opened last year, on the allotment, not a single seed germinated! ;-((

Next year I shall have to look for peppers that grow better in our climate in the UK. Last year's Peppers weren't the success I hoped for. The previous years seeds were bought here in the UK, probably better adapted to the vulgarities of our weather.

6 Jul, 2012


Sorry about that, Balcony! They're quite prolific here and we have a dozen strong pepper plants in flower already. As you say, British seed is probably better suited to your area. :o(

7 Jul, 2012


I was looking at some photos I took when they germinated & I counted about 5 or 6 from your seed that germinated. I saw also that a few seeds of the others I sowed, in the same seedtray & at the same time, had also germinated. It seems that only the half dozen I have at present have survived through the cold of May & June & have made it into July.

They were still in 3" pots until yesterday when I transferred 2 plants into a much bigger pot, but together. I don't have any other bigger pots so the strongest 2 will continue together. The other 4 than remain I'm going to take down to the greenhouse on the allotment & put them into bigger pots - when I get more compost.

7 Jul, 2012


Ours are in the ground, 6-8" high, sturdy and with flowers in bud - but then this IS Spain (as you know!). We've not been having such a tough time of the weather as you poor 'rustys' but it's still not been as good as it should be and we expect a less-than-normal harvest. But ... we shall see! Chins up! :o)

8 Jul, 2012


If your Garlic plants are in bud as you say that means they are bolting & generally speaking that's not good for the bulbs, is it?

We have some Leek plants that have bolted & just now the buds are opening into flowers. There was no sign of bolting on my Garlic plants. These are now in the GH drying off.

8 Jul, 2012


Sorry Balcony - some confusion here - the chat morphed into peppers - ours are in bud. We lifted our garlic some weeks ago. Come on - catch up! :o)

9 Jul, 2012


LOL! I didn't realize you were talking about your peppers! Sorry.

9 Jul, 2012


That's OK, Balcony. Lol.

10 Jul, 2012


I dug up the few Garlic bulbs that evaded me last year & each one has produced several bulbs in a cluster.

11 Jul, 2012


Oooh lovely! Even MORE garlic for the pot! I think it's just as well we live a fairly quiet insular life - we must stink to high Heaven from the amount of garlic we consume! Lol.

12 Jul, 2012

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