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Fire Brigade Practise


By balcony


Fire Brigade Practise

The Cambridgeshire Fire Brigade did a Practise this evening using the block of flats where we live! As a flat on the 6th floor above us had recently been vacated the Fire Brigade decided it would be good practise for their men to do a practise run. There is no other building as tall as this one in miles around.

This is the first time a full scale practise operation has been carried out in the 10 years we have lived here & probably the first one in the history of the building – now nearly 50 years!

The auto-ladder, (or whatever its official name is), has done 1 or 2 practises on the building as the Fire Brigade invested in it precisely because, until they bought it, there was no way of reaching the top floors of this building! Fortunately there has never, to the best of my knowledge, been a fire so high up in this building.

So we had an interesting evening!

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great photo opportunity Balcony, bit of unusual controlled drama to spice up the day.

21 Apr, 2011


Great photos, just shows how vunerable all those on top floors have been .

21 Apr, 2011


Nice to know they are well trained.

22 Apr, 2011


Good to know it was only a practice !

22 Apr, 2011


Memories of being a small child and watching my Dad - who was a fireman - on their 'open day display' running up the extendable ladder and coming down with another fireman on his back in the famed 'firemans' hold', then running excitedly over to him asking if I could have a piggy-back because that man just had one! (Swiftly 'rescued' by mum and taken away for a ice-cream to take my attention off the display and allow Dad to get on with it!). It's amazing what these brave men can do. I bet it kept you enthralled, Balcony? :o)

22 Apr, 2011


glad it wasnt for real balcony, great viewing, better than tv at the moment lol

23 Apr, 2011


You are quite right, Sandra, much better than TV! :-))

The "spice" was a little "insipid", Bampy - the firemen didn't seem to take the operation very seriously. They drank more mineral water than they used to fill up the hoses! Everything was so slow! If it had been a real fire then there could have been victims & much greater damage to the building.

The ladder was sent up to "rescue" a "victim" who was brought down in the basket. But he was standing up & talking to his "rescuer" then he jumped off the platform when it was near the ground. I was surprised to see just how quickly these ladders can be deployed, never having seen one in action before.

23 Apr, 2011


My brother's a fireman in East London, and he's told me some of the things that have happened. One time they had to practice going up the outside of a building using hook ladders, climbing up one floor at a time. My brother was the one who had to be "rescued"; he was slugn over another fireman's shoulder, so that he was looking down at the ground about a hundred feet below, held only by the fireman's arm - and he was telling him jokes on the way down so that the fireman was shaking with laugher.

Mad, the lot of them, but thank heavens for them

5 Jul, 2011


Thank goodness he has a head for heights! A good sense of humour must be essential given the dangerous tasks they often have to undertake!

10 Jul, 2011


lol didn't remember until it was too late to edit my post that he'd said he was telling jokes to distract himself from the drop.

The station he used to work at covered Canary Wharf; they went up while it was still being huilt - the photos he took show the fire engine looking like a Dinky toy, the (then) top level only had waist-high rails, and they were playing "saved you" right on the edge!

He's told me some of the things that go on, and I'd love to do a book of anecdotes, if I could get other firemen to share - and if the London Fire Brigade would agree! Bro told me, when he was in training, one of the "old hands" telling him about being chased down the road by a German fighter during the Blitz. There must be hundrreds of anecdotes, sidelights on history - some of them even printable!

10 Jul, 2011

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