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Daffy! Daffs everywhere!


By balcony


Daffy! Daffs everywhere! My balcony has been full of Daffs over the years! Here is a “small” sample of them.

These first 4 are scanned copies of photos I took back in 2003. Can’t find anything earlier on my computer though I’m sure I have grown Daffs every year since moving in here nearly 10 years ago. (Sorry for the poor quality of the photos)

Here is the only photo I have on the computer from 2004:

Here are a few from 2005:

They are numbered starting from the door onto the balcony to the far end – some 3m!

Don’t have any from 2006 saved on my PC.

Some from 2007 this time:

These mini Daffs, Tete-a-Tete, have shared the same pot as the standard Fuchsia, Beacon, for years! Both get on well together & get bigger & have more flowers each year!

I don’t seem to have any photos of Daffs from 2008.

Nevertheless there are plenty from 2009:

These mini Daffs, Tete-a-Tete, have shared the same pot as the standard Fuchsia, Beacon, for years!

The next few are from 2010:

These mini Daffs, Tete-a-Tete, have shared the same pot as the standard Fuchsia, Beacon, for years! You can see the thickened trunk of the Fuchsia in amongst the Daffs.

14th March 2010:

19th March 2010:

First day of Spring 2010!

This is a view of the same corner with the mini Daffs as the photos above only seen from outside of the balcony looking in.

Not long to go till I see the same sight in 2011!

Well that’s the end of another nostalgic look back. I could go back a lot further, to when I grew them in my balconies in Spain as well – only they haven’t been scanned into the computer – yet!

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you may only have a balcony but you sure pack the plants in, they look great love the daffs & crocus together..:o)

29 Jan, 2011


Very nice, you just gotta love daffodils to welcome you in to the Spring.

29 Jan, 2011


I go with Joanella, I also love the daffs and crocus mixed Balcony.......very pretty!

29 Jan, 2011


They all look wonderful and such displays of Daffodils too lovely blog.

29 Jan, 2011


They are a joy to see after the winter aren't they. I love the Tete a tete too. They seem to thrive and come back every year without fail.
It would be interesting to see your Spanish balconies :o)

30 Jan, 2011


Thank you all for reading & commentating on my blog! :-))

I love to see Daffs & Crocuses on by balcony every year, they are the real harbingers of the arrival of spring! I think they brighten up anybody's spirit after a long,dark, cold winter!

One of the problems I have with them is what to do with them after they have flowered? Being such a small space I like to put in bedding plants, both in the autumn & in the summer. I can't afford the space to be occupied with dead & dying leaves from spring bulbs.

For the 3 years I worked as a volunteer gardener at the Red Cross Centre here, (now closed down), I took lots of them & planted them in the gardens there. They still flower every year & are a wonderful sight! I've even got photos I took most years! :-))

As the leaves have not died down by the time summer bedding plants are ready to go in I have to wait longer, though I don't plant them anyway till May is well advanced.

Now I'm sharing an allotment with Gerry I had thought of taking them down there so they can finish there growth there & build up reserves for next year.

30 Jan, 2011


at least you have the option of somewhere else to put them now Balcony,giving you more space for your bedding plants..:o)

30 Jan, 2011


Lovely pics of all your daffs.........

30 Jan, 2011


always a pleasure to see your little balcony, you amaze me how much you grow on it and always so pretty :o)

30 Jan, 2011


You are quite right, Joanella, if I put them on the allotment I will know exactly where they are & I can lift them in the autumn to replant on my balcony!

Thanks Holly, glad you liked them! They cheer me up just to see them! I even grew them in Spain. As they are cool weather plants they got on very well. Where we used to live in the centre of the country the winters are much harder than here in the UK. As they hibernate during the summer the higher temps don't bother them.

Thanks, Sanbaz, & I'm pleased you like it :-)) I like to grow as many plants as I can on my balcony, it makes me feel more identified with nature & give me pleasure - which I think you will agree, is what gardening is about!

31 Jan, 2011


i totally agree balcony, thats why i feel so fed up in winter, no bright flowers or green leaves to welcome me in the morning, cant wait for spring :o)

31 Jan, 2011


I've just found my old Flickr photos account & there are some photos of my balcony there! If anyone would like a look copy this address into your browser


31 Jan, 2011


will take a look thanx balcony.

31 Jan, 2011


I've also been looking through photos of Snowdrops & Crocuses from previous years & I thought I might make up a blog with some of them also. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of Snowdrops on my balcony because I haven't grown any for many years & when i did I don't seem to have taken photos of them. Another idea that occurs to me is that any I do have from back then might be in paper format & "lost" in some album that I haven't scanned to the computer yet. I have 100s of photos waiting for me to have an "inspired" day when I might spend a few hours scanning them into the computer.

Hywel said he would like to see some of my photos of my balconys in Spain, most of them are still in albums! I did scan a few dozen into the computer a few weeks back so perhaps there's an idea for another blog! LOL!

3 Feb, 2011


I have just copied this blog to my website. Here is the address: /index.php? topic=2401. new#new

There you can see the photos much bigger than on GoY.

5 Feb, 2011

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