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Bygones, Pansies & Crocuses


By balcony


Bygones, Pansies & Crocuses

As this month seems to be conductive to reminiscing about our plants & gardens while we wait for more benign weather I thought I would show you some photos of my Pansies & Crocuses from previous years – as a foretaste of that which is to come in the next couple of months.

I like to underplant my Pansies & Violas with Crocuses or other small bulbs. So here are a few photos from previous seasons on my balcony:

These first three photos date back to March 2003:

I mixed Crocuses in amongst the Wallflowers.

I have underplanted nearly all my pots of plants with small bulbs like these Crocuses.

This is what my balcony looked like just a year ago …

… I hope it will look like this in March again this year!

Now for some lovely baskets of Pansies!

This is this earliest photo I’ve been able to find of Pansies flowering on my balcony!

Here are a couple of the baskets I planted up in October 2010:

Here are the Pansies on the table on my balcony before I got around to planting them:

In this photo you can see what they looked like when I planted them at the end of October 2010:

This one is the same as the one directly above only 2 months later.

That brings you almost up to the present day with the Pansies on my balcony! Hope you enjoyed them. In a couple of months I hope to have a show like some of those above from previous years!

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They do look great your lovely photo's give us all something to look forward to. :o)

23 Jan, 2011


Lovely lot you have there and love the way you ve put those pots along the top of the balcony such pretty colours too so colour full when all together bet it brings colour to your neighbourhood.

23 Jan, 2011


i do that Balcony-- and I noticed yesterday that there was some tiny spikes showing around the blue violas--all is not lost.......

23 Jan, 2011


It's a good idea to underplant with smaller things. It's a good way of using space. You should have a nice display again this coming year :o) I look forward to seeing.

23 Jan, 2011


I have to admit, that I became quite partial to pansies, and it was nice to see all tjose different colours of pansies, and hopefully, you will get great shows again.

Also, using the strawberry planter for pansies was a good idea, and I would never had thought about it before.

23 Jan, 2011


Now that's what I call a good use of space - very nice!!

23 Jan, 2011


I agree with Lauram

23 Jan, 2011


Thank you everyone for your kind replies! :-))

I'm glad everybody like my displays of Pansies! I think my best year ever was 2004. I had 1,000s of flowers - I'm not kidding either! If you look back at the few photos of 2004 you will realise that for yourselves! Most years I have at least a few. They provide colour at the end of autumn & during mild periods during the winter as well. Then in the spring you get a glorious display for at least 3 months! They cost so little yet give enjoyment & colour for at least 6 months! :-))

I hope to make up another blog with Pansies & Violas in flower in a few months time. As I take photos quite often you will be able to see their progress over the time! :-))

23 Jan, 2011


very nice Balcony..... a taste of things to come....

25 Jan, 2011


Yes, Holly, you are quite right! As we have had a few weeks of milder weather they are really starting to open once again, in fact I took the first photos of this new year of them today! Even in the baskets a few flowers can be seen - if you go up on tiptoe that is! LOL! :-D

25 Jan, 2011


: O ))

26 Jan, 2011


WOW! I just added your profile as a fave and I must say that your container garden is a sight to behold! My compliments to the "chef"! So many great ideas and plants packed into a small space.. I just love it and can learn a lot from your photos. Well done!

29 Jan, 2011


Thanks, N2O :-)) I learnt in Spain that if all the space you have is what makes up your balcony then better use it as fully as possible!!! :-))

My balconies in Spain looked very much like the balcony I now garden on in the UK!

29 Jan, 2011


As many of you know I'm copying my blogs from here & posting them on my forum, BeyondSpace. Here is a link back to that page where the photos are shown much bigger than on GoY:

29 Jan, 2011


Today I found my old Flickr account & there are some photos of my balcony there from a few years ago.

If you are interested in seeing them copy this address into your browser address bar:

Enjoy! :-))

31 Jan, 2011


Just yesterday, 4th February, I the very first Crocuses of the year flowering on my balcony! I took a couple of photos but for some reason they came out blurry so I deleted them. :-(( I'll have to take some more in the coming days.

I've seen some pale lavender Crocuses in several gardens this week, I think they maybe Crocus Tommasinia. They grow for many years seeding themselves & appear without leaves. They are always the first of the Crocuses to put in an appearance! All my Crcuses are of the species type I don't like the big Dutch hybrids very much & never grow them.

5 Feb, 2011

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