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Cambridge Botanical Gardens 2


By balcony


Here is blog No.2 on my visit to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens about a month ago.

As we are well into autumn I thought I would start with the photos of the Liquidamber tree (aka Sweet Gum tree) that I took during my 2nd visit to the gardens on 25th September:

When I took the first photo of this lovely tree, on September 15th, it was a low resolution picture as the zoom on my mobile phone won’t let me take them on a higher resolution.

This time I was able to get much closer!

This one is taken from across the pond – without zoom!

Where would we be without the lovely Helianthus that brighten up the late summer garden.

This Helianthus Lemon Queen looks fantastic close up or from a distance! It really stood out in the low light & drizzle that accompanied me for some of the time I was at the gardens on September 14th!

Sorry the above & below photos are rather blurred, there was a lot of wind & drizzle that morning. :(

This is Coreopsis basalis Gold King:

This particular photo of Helianthus Lemon Queen was taken on the 25th September, during my 2nd visit to Cambridge:

How many of you have seen this beautiful species of yellow Cosmos before? We are all used to seeing the pinks & whites as well as mauves but yellow???

As well as the bright colours of the Helianthus we have the lovely warm colours of the Rudbeckias. This photo is of a dwarf variety as you can see from the label in the photo:

These beautiful red Dahlias stand out a mile! They can be seen from quite a distance! In the drizzle of a cold September morning they really “lit” up the day!

I don’t know of a common name for this plant but I liked it very much indeed! While not a Hollyhock or an Hibiscus the form of the flowers reminds one of these flowers.

I just had to get a close up!!!

This dwarf form of Agapanthus was growing in a border & could almost be overlooked which would be a shame! I didn’t see more than just this one flower:

For those of you who enjoy succulents here are a few you might like:

Sorry I can’t give you the names of the individual plants as I would have liked to but if I’d taken down all the names I’d still be there in the gardens!

Here is another close up of a few of the lovely succulents growing in this “Hidden Garden” between the greenhouses:

It never ceases to amaze me the great variety of succulent plants that exist!

Here then are a few more pictures for your perusal:

I think the tall hairy one in the middle is called Old Man’s Beard!

I’ve even got a few photos of trees – particular attention demands this lovely Paperbark Maple:

As does this Beech with beautiful bark as well! I really liked this one!

As I’ve about 400 photos I have plenty more with which to make up other blogs. I would like to make a few “Themed” blogs after just showing off more or less random pictures. I took photos of the information boards as I thought at the time they would make excellent material for some interesting blogs.

Please leave a comment on this blog as I would dearly love to hear your thoughts. :)

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Lovely photos... must have been difficult to choose from so many !

18 Oct, 2010


Thanks, TT:-)) It was very difficult but I tried to limit myself, this time, to flower photos mostly taken during my first visit to the gardens on the 14th September.

Even so I added a lot of photos of succulents! The tree bark photos were "thrown in" for extra measure & to bring the number of photos up to 20. I didn't want to go over my self imposed limit. LOL!

Had you sen the Yellow Cosmos before? I don't remember what the orange ones are called but I'm sure they are not Cosmos.

18 Oct, 2010


I just Googled Yellow Cosmos... quite a lot of pics there ...

I'm pleased you included the succulents :o)

18 Oct, 2010


Think I have to add this as another place to visit Balcony, l `d certainly like to see more, your photo`s are lovely, I didn`t know you could get a yellow Cosmos.
Are those Maple trees the ones that the trunk goes all shiny when rubbed against ?
As to your query, I myself find those kind of blogs very interesting so my answer is go for it........

18 Oct, 2010


I've done the same & apparently the flowers CAN be orange as well according to an article on it in Wikipedia! It also seems that it has been declared "Non-Grata" in the USA! It seems it's very invasive! Who would have thought that on seeing it in the CBG! I've also got a photo of the "normal" Cosmos we grow in our gardens here (or on our allotments!)

18 Oct, 2010


lovely !

18 Oct, 2010


Great photo's Balcony, will look out for the yellow cosmos seeds for next year.

19 Oct, 2010


I have just read your last blog on Cambridge botanical Garden as well as this one and they are both very interesting.Some of the students here at Kew have been there and they always say it's a great garden. I really must pay it a visit. Thanks for taking the time to post these pictures.

19 Oct, 2010


Thank you everyone for your comments & I'm so pleased to get some feedback & your thoughts! :-))

Linclass I think we posted at the same time as I was responding to TT & now I see you've "come between us"! LOL!

As for the Maples you wouldn't want to rub up against the Paperbark one as you'd rub off all the lovely peeling bark which makes it so attractive!

I haven't posted any more photos of Maples as the Liquidamber isn't a Maple & the other one is Beech.

Thanks for the encouragement, Lincslass! :-))

I'm so glad you like the photos here, Littlelegs! :-)) Had you ever seen the yellow Cosmos before? It seems that in the USA they have banned it for being a pest! I was reading about them in an article on Wikipedia.

19 Oct, 2010


it looks a lovely place, we often go past cambridge on the way to visit my son ~ where are the gardens? i didnt know they were there!

20 Oct, 2010


If you put Cambridge Botanical Gardens into Googlemaps it will give you directions to get there from wherever you live. Otherwise it is very difficult to give you directions. I don't know Cambridge very well & besides I'm not a driver so I couldn't direct you anyway.

It's well worth the visit. Though don't expect a public garden sort of display. I'll be posting more blogs in due course, so, as they say, watch this space!

20 Oct, 2010


Interesting photos. Esp the succulents :o)

20 Oct, 2010


I see I've made a couple of people happy with the choice of pictures for this blog! :-)) Hope I can repeat this in my next blog on these gardens.

21 Oct, 2010


thank you balcony i shall look it up
may even visit next week as im going to see youngest playing the drums!

22 Oct, 2010


You're welcome, ST. :-))

If you are thinking of visiting the CBG then I imagine the best place to see now, especially with the colder, wetter weather, might be the greenhouses. I didn't get to see very much of these as I spent my two visits wandering the outside grounds. There is sooo much to see & a lot of it was fascinating for me, not just seeing the flowers but seeing the groupings, seeing the great variety of species within a family. Many people might find it boring if all they are interested in is seeing flowers.

They are not public display gardens, though a tiny amount of effort has been put in to that end, no, they are essentially a place of study & in many places the plants are grouped together to forward that end rather than as exhibition.

I've put in mostly flowers at present in my first couple of blogs but the next few will be more on the didactic side of the gardens, after all they are University Botanical gardens & their principal mission is that of education.

23 Oct, 2010


that's very helpful, thank you.
husband would have been very disappointed if i hadnt explained that ~ he only ever wants to see masses of flowers

23 Oct, 2010


Outside a greenhouse, there is nowhere you will be able to see masses of flowers outside the spring/summer months in the UK!

23 Oct, 2010


exactly! he does know that but somehow is still disappointed if there are no flowers ~ i say he should put plastic ones in the flower bed so there would always be colour!

23 Oct, 2010


LOL! :-D

23 Oct, 2010


last time I visited there were huge terrapins in one of the ponds, I'm wondering if they are still there? Chatting with the head gardener he said they are not introduced deliberatly but people sneak them in as unwanted pets. He told me he actually saw a woman take one out of her handbag & put it in the pond !!?!
Anyway, a sight I wont forget is the Jade plant in full flower in the greenhouse, what an incredible plant that is, stunning. Thanks for the photo's Balcony, great reminder of a very important place.

26 Oct, 2010


Hello Bampy & welcome to the GoY forum! Hope you will enjoy yourself here with us :-))

I have no idea if there are any terrapins there now as I only saw ducks. Even took a few pictures of them when they came close up to me - looking for food no doubt!

I don't know if the Jade plant is still there as I hardly had time to visit the greenhouses. That will have to wait for a 3rd expedition! I'd love to see it if it is! :-))

Glad you liked the photos! Keep a look out as I shall shortly be adding a new blog.

26 Oct, 2010


i liked the succulents in this group of photos...

i have a childhood fondness for these gardens...

12 Sep, 2013


I was surprised by the sheer variety of these wonderful plants! I'd never before seen so many different species of succulents!

19 Sep, 2013



19 Sep, 2013

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