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Fuchsias on my balcony 2009


By balcony


Fuchsias on my balcony 2009

It might seem a little late to talk about last year’s flowers but I would like to make a 2nd blog with this year’s flowers a little later. So please bear with me & have a little patience.

I’m no expert on Fuchsias & I only really know what has worked for me & therefore can only really share my personal experience.

Last year I bought 25 plants from a stall in our market. I bought five different varieties, not thinking about them being hardy or not, & planted 5 in each of 5 baskets which I hung up on my balcony. (Living in a ground floor flat we have a slightly wider balcony than those in the 5 floors above us).

They grew & flowered very well during the summer & were still in flower at Christmas!

To keep them over winter I thought I would leave them in their baskets, just keep them dry & protected with a little bubble wrap. I moved all the baskets further into the balcony, they had spent all summer on the outer most edge of the balcony ceiling, against the windows. I was pretty sure they would come through the winter that way as I had two conical hanging baskets with Ivy Leaf Geraniums that hadn’t been moved from their position in at least 4 years & have absolutely no protection during the winters & had survived just fine.

In fact they almost all survived the winter but I did take all the baskets down for a few weeks in January & “hid” them under the table in the most sheltered corner of my balcony & then covered them with several sheets of newspaper. I took them out a month or so later & hung them up again but kept them dry. When they started to show signs of waking up I started to water them again. As I had cut them back by 50% before putting the under the table I cut them back another 25-30% till they were little more than stubs!

In all five baskets I’d planted Fuchsia Thalia, a more upright, taller plant than the others, in the centre. In 3 of the baskets it had died, in the other two it survived but only one plant can compare with last year’s. In one basket one more Fuchsia had started to grow but then mysteriously had died. So out of 25 plants I lost three. And that after such a bad winter!

The names of the five Fuchsias are Dollar Princess (hardy), Thalia (unknown hardiness), Snowcap (hardy), La Campanella (unknown hardiness), Miss California (unknown hardiness) & Swingtime (unknown hardiness).

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I bet they are lovely.

15 Sep, 2010


Your fuchsia displays are always beautiful :o)

16 Sep, 2010


I can imagine they looked fantastic from outside. A good display always inspire others to do the same , I bet you are the envy of your neighbours. Don't forget to propogate some and give them away, they will love you. :o))

16 Sep, 2010


Thanks for the imfo Balcony... ive grown these in pots this year and was wondering what to do with them.....

16 Sep, 2010


Fuchsias are tougher than they say. I always think I've lost some but it's never as bad as I think.

16 Sep, 2010


I bought some fuchsias for the first time this year, just a couple which are in hanging baskets and another in a pot. All your info was very interesting and gives me courage to try even more :)

16 Sep, 2010


Thank you all for your comments & I'm glad you liked this little blog. In a few weeks time I will put up the 2nd part with photos from this year.

I originally wrote this blog on a forum I also post on called, in reply to a lady who didn't know what to do with her Fuchsias over the winter. I just wanted to share my own personal experience with her. But after posting it I thought why not share it with a bigger audience & one more interested generally in flowers than growing vegetables, so that's why I copied it & posted it on here.

I glad if it has helped somebody to take up growing these lovely & very rewarding plants. I also wanted to dismiss the idea/myth that they are difficult to maintain during the winter.

I have kept Geraniums (Pelargoniums) in the same way for many years, just by keeping them pretty dry they will come through most winters & live for several years at least. I have several Geraniums on the balcony that have been growing there for 6/7 years at least!

16 Sep, 2010


Balcony how are your fuchsias and geraniums doing now and have you added to your collection?

10 Jul, 2011


To start with the latter part of your question, no, I haven't bought any more Fuchsias or Geraniums this year. The earlier part of your question about how my plants are doing is that the great majority aren't - doing anything as they died during our terrible winter! ;-((

As we have had two very bad winters in a row I begin to wonder if the "mild" winters of yesteryear have come to an end & these last couple of years may be setting the trend for future winters.

I've decided I can no longer keep half hardy plants like Geraniums & Fuchsias during the winter on my balcony. I have no room to keep them indoors & anyway even the coldest cupboard in the flat would be too warm to maintain plants dormant during the winter & there just isn't enough room on the windowsills to keep them growing during the winter.

The greenhouse on the allotment is unheated therefore not frost free & all my Fuchsias & Geraniums I had in there, even wrapped in bubblewrap, died during the winter. ;-((

10 Jul, 2011

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