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Free Cosmos seeds


I received some Cosmos seeds with last month’s issue of Gardener’s World. Planted them last week. One has come up with slightly distorted leaves and the only other to appear has a stem and no leaves. None of the others have germinated.

Cherry tomato seeds were also included so Him Indoors sowed some of them. None has germinated.

So much for free seeds which only bear the Gardener’s World name and not the supplier. Shan’t bother in future and will buy plugs from the garden centre.

A case of getting what you pay for!

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Give them a bit more time - a week isn't very long.

6 Apr, 2016


Oh dear I have them and they are fine, don't give up hope yet...

6 Apr, 2016


One year,my Cosmos seeds didn't germinate either,so I sowed some more a bit later on,and they were fine I had a lovely display,so don't be put off..have another go..did you have them in a heated propagator,or somewhere warm? It might have been too cold at the time of sowing...

16 Apr, 2016


I doubt it could have been too cold because two did surface. One is fine, the other is still the same size and still without leaves. Now another has popped through and is almost identical. Very strange

16 Apr, 2016


I guess they are like babies at birth..they will come when they are ready :o) Mine didn't all appear at the same time..Cosmos ,I mean..only had one child ! Lol

16 Apr, 2016


lol @ Bloomer :) I have some Cosmos seedlings a few weeks old they haven't all came up yet! hear they can be a little hit & miss at times.

27 Apr, 2016


And the two that did come through have damped off. I don't think I'm supposed to sow Cosmos this year so I shall buy plants from the market when they have them.

27 Apr, 2016

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