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So many of my garden plants are suffering this year due to the lack of real rain. Most of them were put in either last year when we moved here or this year so they need constant care. The dwarf Cox apple we brought with us in a pot is not doing at all well, has some dried leaves and not one fruit though it did have some small ones last year; the variegated Philadelphus needs constant watering as does the Ligularia Przewalskii but at least that’s flowering; and the Pieris looks very wan. Last year’s Wisteria Sinensis looks as if it’s on its last legs and two of my clematis (unknown varieties) haven’t flowered at all. Eryngium are just about hanging on even though they like the dry but it’s because they haven’t yet established themselves I suspect. I hope they will before it’s too late. Delphiniums (those that didn’t get devoured by slugs despite the gravel) and lupins are very poor too.

In contrast, Clematis Miss Bradshaw is still blooming, and the Allium Christophii grew huge and made a big statement in several borders. And the Pericallis Senetti continues to flower and flower and flower…..

It’s true, the soil here isn’t great – yet, but there’s only so much I can do in a year. Come the autumn we’ll put down more manure which will, hopefully, act as a mulch. But, let’s face it, when the real rain does come it won’t know when to stop! Does anyone remember 1976, the long, dry hot summer? When it eventually rained it went on for weeks. I can see the same thing happening again and we’ll all be totally fed up with it.

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I must have been asleep. We had two hot sunny days in Leicester (over a week ago now). Can't say it's been anything unusual otherwise - any bit of warm weather has been followed by rain. My water butt that I emptied so I could move it, was overflowing within 48 hours of re-connecting it.

11 Jul, 2015


It was warm yesterday Urbanite, nearly 28c around 6.00 last night......cooler now, I think its set to rain tonight so that'll do some good!
last weeks 36c was unbearable.....

11 Jul, 2015


its been quite moderate here, though not nearly as much rain as usual. But temps. nothing like you've been having over on the East side.

11 Jul, 2015


Collecting some small rocks for the surface of the soil around Clematis roots helps to keep them cool and moist
which they like to be.

11 Jul, 2015


We've had lots of rain here. There's nothing unusual about that. I wish we'd have some proper summer weather now for a change.
But then it would be too hot. It always goes from one extreme to an other :(
I remember 1976. It was too hot for me.

12 Jul, 2015


I remember 1976 - nearly 40 years on it's about time global warming started living up to its name.
I think the only reason 1 July seemed so hot was because the temperature hadn't been building up - it was very suddenly in the 30s. I only noticed that it was warm that day because I was doing manual labour, lifting paving slabs - it was fine when I stopped/went indoors. I don't mind heat but I'm not good with strong light (sun or artificial)

12 Jul, 2015


I used to live in Herefordshire, 8 miles from the Powys border. It rains a lot there too though probably not quite as much as in Wales itself.

You shouldn't live in such a mountainous area, Hywel. It's so beautiful there though and I do love it whenever I visit.

12 Jul, 2015


I couldn't live anywhere else Arbuthnot ... I've lived around here all my life and will do so until I die :)
I really enjoy the rain to be honest with you. I don't find it depressing at all. It freshens the place up and I'd miss it !
We also get dry spells and sunshine quite often though, believe it or not ...

12 Jul, 2015


I agree with you Hywel, I don't find the rain depressing, it always clears all the dust from the leaves and brightens everything up. I love Wales! All those wonderful views, spectacular rocks, whether they are the mountain type or a small boulder covered with lichen, waterfalls, mountain pools and the odd sheep to give some perspective, I could go on for hours! Perhaps it's because I am from Norfolk where it's pretty flat and any rise of more than a few feet is called a hill! We do have spectacular open skies though.

12 Jul, 2015


What I love about rain is the smell of the garden afterwards.

12 Jul, 2015


I like flat countryside. Hills can bee eerie and make you feel hemmed in :(

12 Jul, 2015

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