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Just over a year ago we lived on a rural two thirds acre plot then we moved to the edge of Buckingham town to a house with a 40m garden (approx). My poor pets hated it. Our old cat (Dusty), already unhappy at having lost his much loved sister, wailed at the fact that he was shut in by fences instead of hedges and no longer had the ability to scale them, while the dog (BJ) could no longer chase noisy farm vehicles along the inside of the leylandii hedge surrounding us. She loved doing that. She would lay on the lawn, head between paws and look bored.

Finally, when Dusty, developed a shoulder strain we opted to have him put down rather than give him tablets which had horrible side effects. Why prolong his life for him to suffer? That was October last year.

BJ (usually called Beej), now 14½, seems to have accepted her new, much smaller garden, and is happy to wander round. She is happiest though when taken to the beautiful park just down the road. “Ah”, you can hear her thinking, “space”!
These are the animals in question.

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It's supposed to be one of the most traumatic times for humans, moving house, so why not our pets? I am sure that BJ will soon settle and be quite happy in her new home and the trip to the park will be an 'outing' with new places to explore. We are all getting older and I am sure your dog will be very happy with the smaller space - not having to patrol so much boundary and keep interlopers away!

25 May, 2015


Beautiful animals :) Pity the cat had to go ... it must have been distressing for you.

26 May, 2015


It's always distressing to put down an animal but in this case we knew that Dusty was only going through the motions. Several days after he'd gone I was thinking of him when I had a sudden surge of joy. I knew immediately that he'd been reunited with his sister, Pepper. They had been together since birth.
Whether or not you believe there is an afterlife where we can meet up with friends and loved ones, I'm convinced he's happy now.

26 May, 2015


Yes, I know what you mean. I could say much about that.

26 May, 2015


So could I but this isn't the right place.

28 May, 2015


Lovely looking pets, I think most of us know when its time to let them go and hard as it is to make that final decision, to prolong their suffering so that we don't feel bad is to my way of thinking a form of cruelty. I'm glad BJ has settled in your new home...

7 Jun, 2015

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