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Colesbourne Park snowdrops


On the 31st January, a trip to Colesbourne Park to see the snowdrops. But it was cold!!

Driving through Compton Abdale we noticed this little waterfall and how the splashes from it had frozen on the grass.

Colesbourne didn’t open until 1pm so we had time for a meal at the Old Mill at Withington.
A lovely open fire greeted us

Even more welcoming, pie and chips and what chips!!

Then on to Colesbourne, as usual getting lost on the way.

It really hadn’t warmed up so unfortunately the snowdrops were not open and many of them still frozen and drooping.
Such as this group as of Galanthus plicatus “Colossus”, which was found growing at Colesbourne and can reach 30cm.

Here is a picture of snowdrop heaven and hell. Heaven because of the number of different snowdrops for sale, hell because of the price.

For instance here is Galanthus “Wasp”. £40 a bulb!!!! Needless to say it stayed on the sales table.

Here are a few more snowdrops seen around the park.
Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus “Mrs McNamara”

Galanthus elwesii “J Haydn”

Galanthus “Limetree”

A general view of the vast expanse of Galanthus nivalis in the wooded area.

Tea and cake now taken to warm us up a bit.

Then off to visit the blue lake

And finally the nearby church, St James’s. Pictures of the alter front cloth, notice snowdrops even here and then the graveyard has plenty of snowdrops too!

Here are a few snowdrops that I did get from the sales table
Galanthus “Ding Dong”

Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus

Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus “Mrs McNamara”

Galanthus “Lapwing”

Galanthus “John Gray”. This has a giant flower with a lovely scent.

Galanthus “Richard Ayres”.

That’s all folks!

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Fascinating blog...
..... lovely snowdrops... at varying prices !
Good photography :o)

5 Feb, 2010


~lovely day out had by all I bet!~lovely snowdrop pics!

5 Feb, 2010


£40 is a lot of money for a bulb!! wonder if it got sold? There are some lovely varieties of snowdrops...its a shame the season for them is relatively short.

6 Feb, 2010


You're right Amblealice, £40 is a lot, however on ebay recently there was one going for £170+ and the auction was still going at that point. I never did see the final price. Colesbourne had certainly sold some of their "Wasps" by the end of the day.
Once you start getting the snowdrop bug you'll find the season is not that short. I had snowdrops flowering mid-October and will probably have some at the beginning of March. 4 months is not bad.
Thanks for the nice comments Terratoonie and Arlene.

6 Feb, 2010


AG I realy loved this blog, I'm another "sucker" for snowdrops, just adore them. Was this an independent nursery selling there? Only I've come across a nursery based somewhere up North that travels around the different snowdrop events. You certainly bought some lovely ones. I also saw that snowdrop on ebay, wasn't me that bid for it though.

6 Feb, 2010


thanks for all the pictures and well done for braving the weather.lemondog

6 Feb, 2010


They are beautiful flowers up close, aren't they! En masse they're simply stunning and a real tonic. We're hoping to go to 'Snowdrop Valley' soon - if the weather allows! Last weekend they had to close it as the snow on Exmoor was too deep.

6 Feb, 2010


Great blog. The frozen watersplashes are unusual.
Seems you had a great day out even if cold.
I want to take a trip to chirk Castle. They are having their snowdrop walks now and a bit of retail therapy never goes amiss :~))

6 Feb, 2010


Nice blog and photos could have eaten that pie and chips with you made me feel hunger

6 Feb, 2010


Once again thank you for all the nice comments.
PamD all the snowdrops for sale were raised at Colesbourne Park. You'll have to let me know the name of your nursery from up North. Do you know what price the ebay snowdrop finally reached?
Spritz, I've never heard of Snowdrop Valley but I like the sound of it.
Pipsqueak, neither have I heard of Chirk Castle (I'm not doing well here am I?). I do agree about retail therapy, it's just the guilt feelings after the event that aren't so good.
Clarice, I must admit I wouldn't mind another portion of the pie and chips at this moment. perhaps I could combine it to another trip to Colebourne.

6 Feb, 2010


Hi again AG, I'm sorry I don't know the name of the nursery I spoke of, trying to find out. They may be at a NCCPG plant sale Totnes in the West Country on Sun. 21st.Feb. Unfortunetly I can't go to it, & secondly, no I didn't see the final bid on ebay. Useless aren't I :o(

6 Feb, 2010


Oh Spritz, we're hoping to go to snowdrop valley on the 21st.

6 Feb, 2010

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