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Hi everyone how are you I have’nt been on for a while,since the weather has took a turn for the better its been all go,digging and planting and some changes here and there and of course some maintainence as well thanks to the nice vandals,shed broken into and some greenhouse glass smashed again,but all is not lost at the beginning of the week I went and picked up some sheets of perspects for free yes thats right free,they are off bus shelters that have had graffitie on them and the company that changes them kindly give them away as they are skipped no good to them but beneficial to us,maybe by the end of the year all our greenhouses on site will have it,well must go lots of measuring and cutting to do between now and weekend.

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Isn't it heartbreaking the way some people behave in destroying other people's property? I will never understand the mentality behind this. We live in a village so up till recently we have never had a problem, but last year, we had all our solar lights stolen from the front garden, about £25s worth,I wouldn't mind if they had taken them to use in their garden, but these were just found smashed up further down the road. Was gutted because so senseless. Sorry to hear about your vandals allotment73, hope all gets sorted soon.

17 Mar, 2010


Society has lost it's manners, no respect, consideration and responsibility are qualities unknown by some...punishments don't fit the crime. Too much PC-ness instead of a clip round the ear....sorry for going on, not a good day for me either!

Hope this doesn't happen again allotment and that you have a good growing season! :-))

17 Mar, 2010


Pg, that is so sad but true.Maybe if more kids got into gardening, they would learn to appreciate what they could learn from it, rather than the small minority that seem intent on destroying someone else's hard work. Sorry, will get off of my soapbox now lol :-)

19 Mar, 2010


Thanks Floribunda it is heartbreaking and also the expence of our own pockets I've been quite lucky some plot holders have had their sheds burnt to the ground,sorry to hear about your solar lights beeing stolen especially from your own garden. It probably will happen again potty always does when the schools are on holiday,Ah well can't wait til next week.

20 Mar, 2010


Trouble is Allotment, they get holidays again at Easter...Summer....Oooh, I'd have to find a way of "putting the wind up them" without being there to be accused, that way the reaction is a consequence of their action.

20 Mar, 2010

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