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Lightning September 2011 - 2nd June 2013


By alextb


My budgie Lightning had been ill since before Christmas of 2012 and had deteriorated ever since no matter what veterinary intervention was attempted.

On Friday, I was told that they did not know what else to do and a bird specialist also did not know.

Lightning was in a lot of pain and crying out at various times during the day and first thing in the morning.

She was prescribed painkillers.

After a lot of thought and speaking to supportive family members, I made the hardest decision of my life and decided I did not wish to watch and continue my bird’s suffering.

I phoned the vets at 9am when phone lines open and was told to come in immediately even though the hospital did not open until 10am.

I had decided to have Lightnung euthanised.

The vets had me in before opening to give me some privacy.

My Mother who came for support and I sat there in the waiting room and after the vet took Lightning away to overdose her on anaesthetic I sat back down and burst in to tears.

Lightning was brought back up afterwards wrapped in a towel and placed back in the carrier to be buried at home.

I burst in to tears just outside the hospital and have done so a few times since then.

Her companion Sky knows something is wrong, but does not know why Lightning isn’t there. She ahs been calling for her.

The decision killed me inside and I am hurting bad. I NEVER want to make that decision again.

I will concentrate on Sky and try to keep my chin up and try not to shut myself away too much, although I spent most of my day in my room with the door closed alone with Sky.

My Dad has 2 green male budgies that were free from a lady who could no longer care for her budgies due to dementia.

He will keep one and give me another once Sky and I are both ready.

Lightning with Sky

Lightning September 2012 – 2nd June 2013. Sadly Missed.

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So sorry to hear about Ligtning, Alex. Heartfelt sympathies. I hope you get the budgie from your dad soon and both you and sky recover enough to enjoy the summer.

2 Jun, 2013


Oh Alex I am sorry, you did the most humane thing for Lightning and must take comfort from that thought, it would have been cruel to let the poor little budgie suffer, I know its hard, I was in the same situation last week with my daughters pet cat, a much loved family pet, he was nearly 19YRS old and she didn't want him to suffer, I planted a basket up for him only last night to place over his grave and my poor daughter was crying afterwards, I must admit I had a big lump in my chest as well, it might help you if you do one for Lightning, just a thought as I know you like your lovely pots..
We all cry at times like this, its only natural, Sky must be a great comfort to you and chattering and keeping her company will be good for her as well, as you don't want her to mope, I hope you feel better soon Alex and that you do get the new budgie for you to love and a companion for Sky..xx

2 Jun, 2013


Sincere condolences to you Alex, losing a beloved pet is so very painful. You and Sky will be great comfort to each other I'm sure. Take care.

2 Jun, 2013


Its so hard to lose a loved pet Alex, but I'm sure you did the right thing. Its the price we all have to pay in the end for the years of pleasure they bring us. Will you plant a little plant with golden flowers over her grave to remember her by? We buried our loved cats one on each side of the catmint plant they'd loved.

2 Jun, 2013


Thank you for your lovely comments.

There is currently a small pot sitting on her grave with a foliage plant of which the name escapes me.

This is temporary until i find something better.

Also, the pot was heavy enough (ceramic) to stop the foxes digging her up, as has happened to my next door neighbour's hamster. I made sure she was buried very deep.

The budgie should come on Saturday, as long as Sky and I are ready otherwise my Dad will not bring him on his Bi-weekly visit.

Thanks again for your comments.

3 Jun, 2013


So sorry to hear about Lightning. It's so upsetting when you lose a pet. Although, it's difficult, you did the right thing and Lightning is out of pain now.

3 Jun, 2013


So sorry you lost Lightening Alex. It is extremely hard to make the decision to end a pets life but be comforted by the fact you made the right decision as she is no longer in pain. We love our pets so much and they leave a great hole when they die and that does hurt Alex, so do take time to grieve and to reach acceptance and then you and Sky will be able to welcome a newcomer and enjoy a different personality, only you can decide how long this will take, take care Denise xx

3 Jun, 2013


Thank you. It's getting a little easier each day. I just need to get Sky eating. She is not eating for most of the day and little when she does finally eat.

4 Jun, 2013


The new budgie has arrived. I am not sure what to call him yet.

He is green on his front and back with yellow wings. Every wing feather is edged with green.

Once he has settled in I will take pictures.

4 Jun, 2013

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