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My Budgies


By alextb


Just thought I would share some pictures of my budgies.

Thunder as a baby sitting on my shoulder

Thunder just before he went missing in July of this year.

Note the changes from the baby picture, to how he was before he went missing. I promise that is the same budgie.

Thunder with his sister Lightning.

Lightning was not the same after Thunder went missing. She also escaped, but I caught her again.

An avian vet suggested that I get her a new playmate to cheer her up, as she was visibly down.

Lightning, meet Sky.

(Sky is a variation of a rainbow budgie, but I think she is not a true Rainbow one.)

Sky is believed to be female. (The vet assistant made that observation afyter being bitten quite hard, and it is usually the females that do so.)

Sky and lightning are getting on well, and I keep a photo of Thunder blu-tacked next to where I use my laptop.

Sky’s colours:

Blue Back and Abdomen – Sky
Yellow Head – Sun
White and Grey Watermarked Wings – Clouds

Her lower back by her tail is darker blue and her tail is turqoise.

Enjoying some Broccoli. Broccoli and Rosemary are their favourites apart from seed.

The pictures I have stuck to my wall, and the collection will grow as time goes by.

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Your budgies are lovely. Such a shame that you lost one. I had a budgie as a child/teenager & adored it. Thanks for sharing them with us.

16 Nov, 2012


Now, I always thought, wrongly it seems that a Budgie's sex could be ascertained by the colour of the flesh above it's beak! mind you, I was a child when told that, over 40 years ago.They are very attractive budgies and obviously have a proud owner!

16 Nov, 2012


They are lovely Alex.....

17 Nov, 2012


Paul, you are correct that the sex can be ascertained by the colour of their cere (nostril area) after puberty.

Juveniles have a pink cere, but sometimes it can have tinnges of blue to it. Males adults have a bright blue cere and females a dark brown cere.

The vet cannot be 100% sure until she goes through puberty, but she is exhibiting behaviour commonly linked to a female.

I will have to wait for her to go through puberty to get a definitive answer to her sex.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I still miss Thunder, but I concentrate on the 2 beautiful birds I have the pleasure of currently looking after.

The picture I keep by my laptop is the one of Thundr on the swing.

I have also adds a picture to this blog of the collectoion of pictues I put on my wall in my eye line by the door to my room.

17 Nov, 2012


Oh, thanks Alex.My memory did serve me well,then!

17 Nov, 2012

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