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2 Stories of Pigeons


By alextb


Yesterday, there was a knock at my door and one of the local boys, who I often talk to, said that there were 2 pigeons trapped in the block. (Not my first pigeon rescue on the estate.)

I asked what block, and he pointed to a window on the stairwell to my block, and otld me another one was further up the staiwrell.

I took a look and they were both huge woodpigeons.

I phoned the RSPCA, but they were unsure of how long it would be, even though it was down as an emergency.

I then had an idea, and grabbed an old large towel from inside and crept up to the first pigeon desperately trying to escape through a window, and caught it first time, and went dwn the stairs and released it outside, and I did the same with the other.

Of course I phoned back and cancelled the inspector or animal collections officer respodning.

This morning, I heard a thud on my windowsill, and I could see a bunch of brown feathers feeding on some discarded bugie seed.

I went outside and managed to get close enough to have a look, and it lked like a all brown pigeon. I have never seen one all brown.

I then took a closer look, and it didn’t seem to care, and saw a red ring on its leg. I realised that I had got so close as it was tame.

I poured out a feeding bowl of seed, and left it on the windowsill.

As I write this blog, it is currently fast asleep on the windowsill. It is hard being a racing pigeon.

Have you seen an all brown pigeon?

Is it possibly a variation of racing pigeon breeding?

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Aw, how kind you are Alex. I've never seen an all brown pigeon either, maybe it's some special breed?

5 Aug, 2012


Yes Alex the brown one is a racing pigeon...His/her owner can be traced by the number on that ring. Here is where you report found pigeons.

5 Aug, 2012


The pigeon has now left. After waking up, it ate the seed I put out, and 10-15 mins later it took off.

5 Aug, 2012


The pigeon came back this afternoon. Ate then flew away again.

6 Aug, 2012


Well done Alex :)

7 Aug, 2012


It's obviously taken a shine to you Alex!

7 Aug, 2012


It seems to come back every day. Although I havem't seen it yet today.

Yesterday, I was informed of a 3rd woodigeon in the block, and it was swiftly recovered and released.

8 Aug, 2012

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