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By alextb


Yesterday, early afternoon, I came back inside after being handed a package with things for my budgies, and the room was eerily quiet, and the budgies were nowhere to be found.

I then remembered, that whilst outside, I could hear parakeet type noises, and realised thay had got out, which has never happened before.

I rang the RSPCA, and the local wildlife hospital, that take in pets where the owner is unknown, in case they were handed in, at some point, and gave them my number. I also called our lcal vet practices, and put the cage outside.

My Mum and I searched, and at times they called out.

We then saw something, taht made my heart stop. A magpie was chasing one of my budgies. Luckily after 2 attempts he gave up.

At 9:20pm, I went outside, as I could hear one of them, and I wanted to see if I had any idea what tree they were in.

To my surprise, one of them (Lightning) was sitting on the path by another block, looking totally exhausted.

I quickly scooped her up, and took her inside.

The vet checked her over today, and said to keep her rested in her cage.

Thunder is still oustanding 24 hours later, and can no longer be heard in the nearby trees, so I am loing hope of finding him.

I really miss him.

Above is the picture I use for my avatar.

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Oh dear how awful for you
Have you a spare cage. I once heard that putting a familiar cage outside may entice them down

Hope he's back soon

26 Jul, 2012


Don't give up hope Alex... I would put Lightening in the cage on the windowsill with the window open. Let them chat.

26 Jul, 2012


I placed the cage with Lightning insde n the windowsill, but she is in shock, as the vet said. She only lets out a very quiet chirp every half an hour. Yesterday, both were vocal when in the trees, but now nothing.

Lightning is very down in the dumps, and looks so unhappy. It breaks my heart t see her unhappy, and also breaks my heart that Thunder is nowhere to be found.

26 Jul, 2012


The cage was outside all afternoon yesterday and in to the evening , but no joy.

26 Jul, 2012


Thunder may come back to feed.

26 Jul, 2012


Thats what I wondered........

26 Jul, 2012


hope Thunder turns up soon and Lightning perks up.

26 Jul, 2012


Oh, I do hope Thunder comes home too you all Alex. Poor Lightning, stress of being outside and loosing a friend. I hope she recovers quickly.

26 Jul, 2012


So sorry to hear this. I hope you have better news today.

26 Jul, 2012


Oh no how awful. Don't give up hope just yet. Hopefully thunder will find his way home soon. I hope lightning perks up soon. What an adventure for him.

26 Jul, 2012


Aw Alex, how terrible for you. How did they get out?

26 Jul, 2012


Oh no - how awful, thinking of you, I would beside myself -Kay

26 Jul, 2012


Thank yu everyne. I think Thunder is no longer in the tress outside. I am hoping to get a call from a rescue centre or vets that have had him handed in, r from somene who was given my phone number by one of those mentioned above.

Lightning is a bit more active this morning, but I'll keep her in the cage a bit longer.

Sheilar: They are agrophbic, and keep well away from doors and windows, and whilst I was outside, they must have been spooked and got out of a window when wind lifted one of the net curtains.

27 Jul, 2012


I contacted the local paper, to see if they could print a story, in case he is found, and they said a 14 word one with picture will cost me £74!


30 Jul, 2012

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