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Wind causes problems


By alextb


It has been windy all day today, an I noticed the mini-greenhouse cover catching the wind.

I could not move it, as:
1) It is too heavy and I risk things falling
2) It was between two 75 litre bags of compost and a large garden storage box full of heavy equipment.

The bottom shelf was weighted down with pots full of ornamental pebbles

Around 4:15pm I looked out of the window and…

As you can see it fell face first instead of sideways.

I have placed heavy pots on all exposed sides to make sure it doesn’t travel. It went on a trip with me chasing it in the road in the Summer. Luckily no cars were coming which was my worry.

It is 1c outside, so that is why I put pots there and didn’t pick it up, plus I am worried that I will pick it up and it will blow down again.

It will take me at least 10-15 minutes to try and clear it out from the bottom and remove the shelving to get to the seedlings and cuttings. It is too heavy to move in it’s current state.

I also had to retrieve a pot put aside ready for tomato season.

After 3 failed attempts to keep a window wicker planter on the windowsill, I picked it up off the garden and moved it out of the way.

A neighbours potted rose is also on its side.

I didn’t think it was supposed to be windy today.

How has it been where you are?


The greenhouse was cleared and the shelves replaced and the cover put back on.

The greenhouse was tied to a loop in the wall using the two loops on the back of the greenhouse.


A gust of wind yanks the greenhouse so hard, the loops detatch from the greenhouse…

… and the greenhouse literally takes off and then crash lands further up the grass.

So, I decided to take it apart, and then I will put it back together a bit later.

When taking it apart I find that moistre has entered the joins and now the metal is rusting.

So, it was bagged up, and I think I will just buy a PVC coldframe, as I do not really need a huge mini-greenhouse.

The coldframe will be easier to protect from wind.

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Ouch! Alex that don`t look good mate,if its any help to you my friend has one of these & he has attached nylon cord to the top corners & pegged it down like guide lines on a tent,with strong tent pegs the wind has not budged it so far just an idea mate.

1 Feb, 2012


Oh what a shame Alex. I hope your seeds will be all right. It's been rather windy here aswell. ... and very cold :o(

1 Feb, 2012


i worry bt mine going west as well hun ..... dun same as you and wedged it it with pots etc , but its a bit more sheltered than yours ............... hope u sort it ok xvery cold here

1 Feb, 2012


Those 'greenhouses' are only really worth putting up in late spring till early autumn. They are really only cold frames in early spring and all winter as they offer no frost protection. Mine managed to blow down even in the summer and that was weighed down with pots with stones in them like yours - the wind gets under the bottom of the cover and lifts them up!

1 Feb, 2012


Hi Alextb, I was going to say the same as Kingsfieldkev, Put tent pegs on the botton of the fram and it should hold it :)

1 Feb, 2012


I weighted mine down with breeze block left over from some building work. The base stayed put and the top blew off, smashing the uprights, so the whole thing is caput.

1 Feb, 2012


Cloudy and very cold here in Newcastle with just a bit of a breeze :-)

2 Feb, 2012


Its very windy here Alex. Same thing happened to me. I use the shelves in the hut now to store my Onion crop. I know people who have one in a sheltered driveway. Only way to use them. There was a photo on this site of a Polytunnel with one in, seemed to me that was the best way to use them - double glazing !

2 Feb, 2012


Sorry to see this Alex,and hope your seedlings can be rescued..Mine is ok so far this year..and it gets a lot of strong winds,but blows worst on the front of it.Luckily, it has the protection of a fence behind it,and is fastened to can't go anywhere..Have you anywhere you could do this with yours?.I only have a few things overwintering in there,wrapped in fleece..and empty pots on the bottom shelf for weight...the removable top shelf is empty,so wrapped a thick layer of fleece around it..looks like I have insulated a loft !..

2 Feb, 2012


Thank you for your kind comments. It looks as if we are all suffering with the current weather.

I have noticed when looking out of my window at the face down mess, that there are 2 loops on the back, which I will try and tie to an old sturdy thick metal loop in the brick wall which was supposed to be used for the new TV aerials the Concil had put up, but it never got used. I used to hang my hanging basket last Summer.

I have not been out yet, but will need to brave the cold to salvage anything that hasn't already perished.

2 Feb, 2012


I was going to mention about the loops on the back Alex..that is what I use,to tie to metal loops on the fence..that should help....good luck..wrap up warm !

2 Feb, 2012


Sorry to see your mini-greenhouse like that. Hope you find a way of sorting it.

1 degree C; Bliss! It's -9.5 on the outskirts of Brussels with an icey wind and clear blue sky. Don't know what the temperature is when you take in the wind chill factor. But it's b*****y cold!

2 Feb, 2012


I have been outside and it now only consists of a skeleton, which again fell down.

I had to come in as my fingers were going numb underneath my gloves. A PCSO from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team was complaining about how cold she was.

Most seedlings and seeds are goners, and some over-wintering plants have been broken or crushed.

I have still more to do outside, especially clear up, as it is a mess and all gardens are along the communal road which does a circle round the tiny estate.

The more established pots which had recently been watered were frozen in one block of compost, so that made my job a little easier.

I will eventually have the cover back on, as it decided to take off and leave the naked frame behind, and it will be tied to the wall.

2 Feb, 2012


I have just updated the blog above.

Thanks again for the supportive messages.

2 Feb, 2012


Hi Alex, I forgot to say. I noticed in summer that in windy conditions, putting the cover right back stopped the structure falling down, so you should try that. I am going to put mine back outside in spring (have some lupin, sambucus and manicata seedlings on the go in the spare bedrooms much to the wife's objections)

3 Feb, 2012

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