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Poor Budgies


By alextb


Since getting the budgies at the end of November for my 21st birthday (21 first time round), I have had 3 vet visits.

They first had their wings clipped and Lightning kept crashing in to the floor and walls. The vet advised small amounts of supervised flight.

I then took Lightning to the vet as he / she had their left eye closed and refused to open it. I made an emergency appointment and Lightning refused to let the vet examine him / her, and kept biting the vet. The vet could only guess that it was either a scratched cornea and prescribed anti-biotic eye drops just in case. What a palava trying to administer eye drops to a wriggling biting budgie.

Visited today, as although they eye problem has improved since December, it is still causing a disomfort or irrittaion.

The vet said she could have to try another anti-biotic eventhough she said the eye looks clear, but she could see that he / she was in discomfort.

Before she went to get the anti-biotic I asked her if she could examine Thunder as he /she seems to make a squeaking noise when breathing after flying.

She listened to the heart and breathing with the stethiscope, but found nothing wrong.

She said that if they have not improved or get worse in a week, then I am to go back and she will refer the budgies to a specialist.

The nurse handed me a bottle woith about 3ml (yes 3ml) to administer to the budgies orally using a tiny syringe diluted with water.) They need to take 0.01ml of medicine with 0.19ml of water.

When the vet gave the first dose to Thunder, he / she immediataly vomitted covering the cage in half digested food.

These poor budgies.

Also, Thunder ahs started moulting and is getting very affectuonate with Lightning. No personal space there.

I have a feeling he is moulting as he is entering puberty. GREAT! A hormonal teenager to deal with. LOL

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Hi Alextb,So sorry to hear about Lightning and Thunder i do hope they get better soon :)

11 Jan, 2012


I`m sure Alex at the age of 21 you know how to handle the birds by now,haha,as for your feathered veriety hope they get well soon mate.

11 Jan, 2012


Aw Alex, I hope you get them both sorted out soon

11 Jan, 2012


My Persian Cat has had a stomach problem again, but I have learned to wait a few days, as Vet visits are very expensive. She is now fine. The Vet did tell me that all animals and birds are subject to viral infections, and my best protection is to give Topsy exactly the same food all the time. The Vet said humans like alternative foods, but she never changes the food she gives to her animals.
I have learned from this to basically stay on the same food most of the time myself, and not be tempted by T/V chefs or supermarket ready meals.
Its strange how the Budgies have picked up a Virus whilst living in your house, without any contact with other birds.

12 Jan, 2012


Hi all, thanks for the best wishes. I do hope both birds recover, as the vet bill although are cheaper for small birds, they still cost a lot.

Diane: The birds stay on the same food. I have tried variety, but they turn their beaks up at it. Yes, it is strange how they coud have picked anything up.The only thing i can think is that they had something when given to me that they picked up from their parents or siblings. Budgies are good at hiding illnesses as wild budgies kick them out of the flock as they are easy prey.

I have already been bitten by both when I tried to give them their medicatin, and Lightning really bites down until you let go.

I never realised how difficult 2 little birds can be.

Oh well, the things we do for our pets.

Thunder is currently having one of his sneezing fits, but the vet said when she examined him that there appears to be no blockage and no discharge.

12 Jan, 2012


Thunder is on the right Lightning on the left.

12 Jan, 2012


I really hope they get better soon. You're clearly doing everything you can. It's really great to see a pair, as sometimes I worry that a single bird on its own could get very lonely. Thunder and Lightning look very happy together. It's great to see how much you care about them. :)

12 Jan, 2012


Tralamander: I had Thunder given to me by my Dad and I aksed if he could give me another to keep Thunder company. He said yes and a few days later, he bought Lightning round.

They are from the same parents born 2 weeks apart.

They are always together, they are pretty inspeperable. If I take one out of the cage, while the other is inside, they both pine for one another, so during vet visits I take both.

I do really care about them. I love them like any other pet.

13 Jan, 2012

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