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UPDATE: Refuse collectors damage garden again.


By alextb


I recieved a letter from the Council’s insuters and the refuse company denied any knowledge of damaging the garden, and advised that I should not put things in the communal area.

1) The council apologised to em at the time and the refuse collectors had spoken about it outside my window once, so they did know.

2) The damaged items were not in the communal area, they were away from the road, and they drove over the garden itself.

I spent 35 minutes on the phone, to eventually be told that unless a neighbour witnessed it, they would not reimburse me for the replacements. I don’t think anyone witnessed it apart from me.

I am so ANGRY!

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I hope you get this sorted out ..
very stressful ...

16 Jul, 2011


Oh thats a shame as you are trying to keep it nice and even if its communal then everyone benefits, is there not a space you can have away from the pavement Alex?

16 Jul, 2011


Draw a line underneath it now Alextb or you'll make yourself ill.

The employees involved will know everything that's going on and are probably laughing so don't give the individuals the satisfaction of doing anything more.

Keep everything several yards away from the front and don't give people the chance to get near anything else that you value.
I know it's YOUR enjoyment that'll suffer but don't think of that.

16 Jul, 2011


I'm sorry to hear that. Generally speaking refuse collectors do a good job but you get the odd ones who don't take anywhere near enough care. Our local ones managed to nock the top of my nans wall with a wheelie bin (god knows how). She had a hell of a time getting the council to put it right.

I hope you get it all settled (or put to bed) soon. Don't let it stress you too much.

16 Jul, 2011


As it is communal the kerb is right up against the main gardens. I do have pots round the side which is about 50cm away from the road and the front which has no road. The garden that was damaged is the only place i can plant things in the ground.

Maybe I should just buy more pots and pot evrything up, so it can be easily moved and harder to damage. Fisrt I need a job as I have been made redundant so cannot afford too much at the moment.

There is no way I am going to be able to be reimbursed, so I suppose resistance is futile.

16 Jul, 2011


Your stuck between a rock and a hard place by the sounds of it. Wanting the area you live to look nice and working to make that happen but having to deal with dodgy council people who don't have the decency to respect that.

I'm sorry to hear you've been made redundant. I'm sure you'll find yourself a new job that you love very soon.

I suspect your right in that you wont be re-imbursed. Perhaps (when you've got the time and energy) for the future it may be a good idea to agree with the council where it is reasonable for you to place plants (either in the ground or in pots), which wont hamper the refuse collectors or be liable to be trampled/run over. If you can get an agreement with the council, hopefully it will stop further incidents in the future. If something else happens in the future you will have the agreement to fall back on to make your case to have the council re-imburse you for the damage. If the department refuses to assit take it up a level or two to management (even the chief exec). Failing that your local councillor, who can put the squeeze on :D. Good luck.

17 Jul, 2011


Thanks Sam, I will look in to that.

17 Jul, 2011

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