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Sudden Downpour


By alextb


I could hear hevay rain suddenly battering the window, but for some reason the window steamed up, and so I went in to the block (I live in a ground floor flat) to see just how bad it was, and I could not beleieve my eyes. Never have I seen so much rain. It was like a huge sheet. It was literally like a giant bucket had been tipped out as I looked out the door.

I would have liked to have got a picture to show, but it has stopped.

If it happenes again, I will show one.

Judging by the weather, the Police will again have to shut off the railway bridge.

Pictures below, show what has happened in the past during heavy rain. The Council and Thames water cannot decide who is responsibl;e for unblocking the drain. This has gone on for years.

No lie, people have nearly drowned trapped in their cars in the past, but still nothing is done.

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Thats terrible alextb. something needs sorted!!!

7 Jul, 2011


Nobody wants to pay for it. They are still disputing who's responsibilty it is to pay to unblock it.

7 Jul, 2011


I agree with Youngdaisyd,you cant beleave they wont do anything about it:(

7 Jul, 2011


Typical! Only if something happens to a local dignitary will something be done - and I mean maybe getting his feet a little damp!

8 Jul, 2011


Unfortunately money is always more important to the authorities than people. It's disgraceful.

8 Jul, 2011


Luckily there have been a few near drwonings. Maybe someone needs to actually drown before thet do something. Local hairdressers have rescued trapped people in the past.

8 Jul, 2011


yes but they chase you 4 ridiculous things dont they
we once had some one from the council , one of those ones who want to take your goods , lol ...............
the bill , council tax oweing ......................
for drrrrrrr rarrrrrrr .................. now i have to say , the guy was lafing !!! 2pence !!!..........
how much mony did they watsed on that urgggggg

8 Jul, 2011


Yes Cristina, they will chase you for money even little amounts, but no way do they want to spend it.

8 Jul, 2011

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