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A few days off sick, and the garden suffers


By alextb


I never knew how much of an affect a few days of not tending to the garden could have.

I had a very bad cold, and didn’t have the energy to do anything, let alone tend to the garden.

I still have a bit of a cough, and clearing out my respiratory system, but am well enough to get things back in order.

SO MANY plants needed deadheading and tidying up, and the garden needed a bit of a tidy and some sorting needed to eb done.

It took me all morning, but I got the job done eventually.

I can’t afford to be off sick, maybe I will need a volunteer to tie things over when i fall sick again.

I say volunteer instead of professional, because I lost my job due to cuts, and can’t afford to be paying anyone. I would probably kick the volunteer off, as I like things my way.

Oh well, you can’t win really.

Time to relax, and start all over again tomorrow.

P.S. I have noticed that my plants on a West facing wall have put on a growth spurt during the warm Sunny weather we have been having. reminds me of last year, when I went on holiday to Bournemouth for a few days, and came back to find plants had had growth spurts.

That Sun does absolute wonders. (I do like the Sun loving plants. Luckily I have space for Sunny position plants.

Happy Gadening.

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Hi Alex - sorry to hear that you've been unwell - it's such a nuisance isn't it ? I'm glad that you're feeling a bit better now. Whenever I'm unwell I always think it's such a waste of time when you could be doing other things, don't you ?

I know what you mean about the garden running away from you, especially when it's been sunny for a few days - everything seems to grow twice as much as usual, especially the weeds, so that you have to work really hard to get it straight again.

It's a good job we all love our gardens isn't it ? I know what you mean about getting help with it - it's very hard to find anyone at a reasonable price - I found that out when I retired last year, and unfortunately there aren't any people who will do things for you as a goodwill or friendly gesture anymore.

I do hope you manage with everything. Happy Gardening.

12 Apr, 2011


you poor thing ............ get well soon . x i am out there on a daily basis lol piking and tideing lol allways have my trug around to pop a weed in haha. my gardens gone besurk as well . dont worry you soon have back in controll again

13 Apr, 2011


Thanks Mariek & Cristina.

13 Apr, 2011


glad your feeling better Alex and the garden does go mad when we cant get in it, dont over do things though, get yourself right first :o))

13 Apr, 2011


Thanks Sanbaz, will do.

13 Apr, 2011


I hope you are better now. A cold is miserable.
Things do put on a spurt sometimes don't they lol

14 Apr, 2011


They certainly do. I am feeling a bit better, well enough to tame the garden.

14 Apr, 2011


Just take it slowly, will all come right for you :)

Sometimes our bodies just need a rest before we can tackle anything too strenuous...glad you are improving and able to get out and do a bit. It's too bad you can't get any help when you find you can't cope with the garden; I know it can be a problem for many as the years advance.

Take care.

14 Apr, 2011


You also take care Whistonlass.

15 Apr, 2011

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