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My MP's response to "SAVE OUR FORESTS"


By alextb


Letter below (Sorry about how small the letter appears. If you cannot read it or zoom in on your browser, I will type it out on another blog, just let me know.)

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Next post: Further update from MP on Woodlands



That's more than I got from my MP - a certain D.Cameron!

17 Feb, 2011


Lol, poor you. He is to busy ruining, I mean running the country.

17 Feb, 2011


I think that you were right first time Alex!
Still, on the plus side, he managed to shift the responsibility quite skilfully!

17 Feb, 2011


Well done Alex.

17 Feb, 2011


Great news about the forests. And a good response from your MP.

18 Feb, 2011


Well done! Alex. Who came up with the idea to sell off the forests in the first place? Couldn't have been a gardener, or someone interested in the planet that's for sure! What a dreadful thought!

18 Feb, 2011


The Government know more about ruining the country and upsetting it people, than they do about making the people happier, and making the country better.

18 Feb, 2011


and so say all of us ................. well dun alex , brill news

18 Feb, 2011

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