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Update Anti-Social Behaviour (is this the end?)


By alextb


Those of you who read a recent blog, found out that the police and council moved the family of the boy who causes the main trouble away from here.

I went to the police station today to give my statement (FINALLY!). The Constable said they wanted to see wnhat happened, but as he still visits the estate where I live and people calling the Safer Neighbourhoods Team with concerns about him coming to the estate, they have decided to go for an ASBO (Anti-Social Behavour Order). Together with the Constables statement, mine and a few others, he is hopoing a judge will issue the order.

The other statements are from:
A lady who had her window broken and abuse through the broken window.

2 sisters of both who are diabled had all 4 of their mobility car tyres slashed, food thrown at their windows and front door. He also imitated the speech and walk of one of the siters who is deaf and walks with a very distict limp.

An elderly lady who has had verbal absue through windows and front door, mud and snow thrown at the windows and him continually staring at her through her living room window.

He also put about My Mum who walks with the aid of a stick, who got abuse, as he is trying to also put forward that he has been targeting mainly those who are vulnerable.
He is believed to live ith his Dad or an aunt who live near-by, but the police want the ASBo to push him to living back with his Mum who moved off the estate and down to Cornwall, (a long way from London.)

The police officer also said, he wrote a letter to the council in Cornwall to help them get moved.

The PC will keep us informed and has said that once the outcome from Court is known he will let everyone know.

Watch this space, although things take ages to reach court and the process once it gets to court takes ages, so it may be a while until you hear about the outcome from me.

Blimey, that was a long summary, but I got there.

(Alex sits there with his fingers crossed)

P.S. He also took one of the pictures I had taken and catolouged it as evidence of being fired at with a BB gun.

(BB pellets are circled.)

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Thats great news for you Alex hope the police succeed in getting the asbo, but I now feel sorry for Cornwal, perhaps he will meet his match down there, they are not ones to put up with these kind, very close knit community down there, I have lived there.

16 Jan, 2011


Good, he may end up being the one on the recieving end, and that will teach him a lesson.

16 Jan, 2011


Lets hope its an end to your problems Alexb....No like a bully or a thug.....I think they should all do time on a ship stuck out in the middle of a ocean somewhere.......and no reprieve.......;o;

16 Jan, 2011


I have sent a draft statement to the council which they will check contains all the information they have asked for, and then I can handwrite it on the proper forms.

A ship stuck out at sea somewhere sounds quite right, or a prison on its own island just like Alcatraz, so we can keep scum like that away from the community.

16 Jan, 2011


hope all goes well for you now.

17 Jan, 2011

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