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Minor Garden Attack


By alextb


This is one of the more minor attacks on the garden, but I thought I would still share it with you.

This is what I came home to.

Mini Christmas Conifer

2 of 4 solar lights knocked over

3 of 4 solar post lights knocked down

Pink primrose dug up.

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The wind or an animal could have done this Alex? In my very private enclosed back garden (6ft fence all around) I sometimes get things knocked over, damaged even broken by high winds or the animals that roam in the night.

5 Jan, 2011


I know that can happen, but after all this time, I have recognised the culprits style.

I do inderstand where you are coming from though. I do also know that it wasn't an animals as the foxes roam around at night, and the squirrels couldn't do that much.

5 Jan, 2011


Hello Alextb, I did take a look at your blogs the other day and sorry to hear of the antisocial stuff your have had to endure, my sympathys.

In my experience when dealing with this kind of small minded mentality, unfortunately they like to pick on things which your garden seems to offer up. so maybe one solution is not to offer stuff for them to target.
And it does seem that your garden is quite on the road and a bit too open for all n sundry. difficult if not impossible to protect.
Is there any other more private patch you could use or rent? or maybe apply for an allotment.

Obviously no disrespect to your enjoyment but I would perhaps seek a comprimise and find a better site to enjoy and for this plot take everything out. leave it for a while so Jonny vandal comes along and sees nothing for him anymore (the first bluff call) then plant a few bushy things you dont care too much about, as thorny as possible, so if he or they try again they'll get some nice thorns and cuts (bluff no two)
Just a thought

5 Jan, 2011


Sorry to hear you are still having trouble. I hope one day it will be better for you.

6 Jan, 2011


Stevie, the garden by the road started as it was a just mud and untamed lavender outside my back bedroom window..

It started with 2 teracotta pre planted spring pots, then it grew as I found out how fun it was. The neighbours seem to appreciate teh way it looks as generally the council are in charge of the gardens, and do not do so much of a good job, and they are mainly green and full of weeds.

I wouldn't be bothering if it wasn't directly outside, and so an allotment or other site doesn't appeal.

6 Jan, 2011


Alex, I see. I guess the vandal wants to just spoil rather than steal or destroy. Maybe add a couple of Berberris, look nice but with nice spikes and make the background a bit bushier, a bit of a visual dissuader.
Also you could put a spike through your pots into the ground to root them in position so they cant be knocked over easily

6 Jan, 2011


Terrible thing to have happen. I always like to think that what goes around, comes around. These vandals will get their dues make no mistake!

6 Jan, 2011


I certainly hope so Red Aly

6 Jan, 2011


Sorry to see this happening again for you Alex but its starting to make me wonder are we going to be like the usa, having gated towns, where teenagers are not allowed in, as my sister visted California where her husbands relitives live which is a gated towns. Seems to me since we ve joined the eu and mps commenting on the usa, all this now goes on uk wide, because of the laws being changed by ar....les that run this country. which they don't have to put up with, just people like most of us here, as they are rich enough to live in nice cosy spots of the country, where red phone box s are still and other things that don't exist which I could mention but won't. The ones who continually state we should copy the usa, but have to live by eu laws, which eu countries don't abide by, so why do we!!!, how come eu countries don't get this problem, not heard of any on here from the eu countries stating they get these problems. Is all this to generate jobs and rebuying to keep the country going I wonder!!!!! as seems the politians nor the councilors who get very high wages can't seem to generate.

6 Jan, 2011

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