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New Year, and the problems continue.


By alextb


I should have guessed that the New Year was not going to bring better luck.

This morning I decided to take a look outside, and found my evergreen planter looking crooked, even though when I left it, it was straight.

Then I noticed that the mini garden birds planter I had, had been stolen.

It had 2 bluetits on it and had a sprouting daffodil bulb in it, with wood chippings on top of the soil for decoration.

I do not have a proper phot, but I do have one at an angle which was taken after an attack.

I did notice two teenagers about 15, and one looked a lot like the main culprit for a lot of damage. Oh and they seemed a little more than tipsy, so they may have had something to do with it.

I did have a side CCTV camera, but when the back one broke down, where most of the damage occured, the side one was moved to teh back, just a few days before it was needed at the side.

I do not seem to have much luck.

Happy New Year to all you GoYers. This year seems to be heading the same way as last year for me.

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oooooooooo i hope not hun .... really hope it gets better 4 you !!! take care xx ;o)

1 Jan, 2011


Happy New Year to you Alextb, I do hope you have a better year, perhaps a call to the police would be a good idea as if your on your own you would be classed as vunerable, collect all evidence and make a diary daily. I know I ve had this in the past myself, if I see them I confront them with their colourful language, I don't care but you do have to be careful nowadays.

1 Jan, 2011


I have kept a detailed log for over a year!

I have gathered all evidence possible, and a discreet CCTV camera has been placed in the area.

Fingers Crossed.

1 Jan, 2011


Thats great lets hope you get some jutice and catch them.

1 Jan, 2011


thanks Sixpence

2 Jan, 2011


:o)) Your welcome Alextb

2 Jan, 2011

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