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By alextb


Yesterday (4th) I wrote a blog about the anti-social behaviour I have been recieveing during the snow, and then I wake up this morning and find:
1 of 2 solar security lights on the ground
1 solar light on its side
1 white ceramic pot with blue design in 3 pieces
1 beige ceramic pot in 2 pieces.

This has made me so angry.

Pictures below.

1) White pot with blue design, looks like just 2 pieces
2) After moving another piece falls off.
3) Beige pot
4) Better look at pot
5) Solar Security Light
6)Where the Solar Security light should have been
7) Solar light (hidden under snow)
8) Picture showing all damaged object together

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Sad to read you're still having all this trouble locally ...

... it's a very good idea that you are taking photographic evidence of it all ...

I hope the problems get resolved soon..... x

5 Dec, 2010


Aex. i feel so sorry for you, and how disheartened you must feel at this mindless vandalism. Try not to let it get you down too much.Have you reported this latest episode ? ..:-((

5 Dec, 2010


A Police Constable from my local Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be asking me to come in soon, and has asked me to continue logging everything.

It will be reported along with other things when I see him.

5 Dec, 2010


In view of the news yesterday pointing out that our Police force seem to be off 'sick' all the time, I'd be inclined to write to David Cameron and pp it to the Daily Mail.

5 Dec, 2010


I hope you sort it out very soon. I had a problem with loud music many years ago and took the short cut to move house. I am not sure if this is a good example for others to follow.

5 Dec, 2010


I can sympathise with you, I have had the same over years off and on. Recently I have had intruders which broke down trellis over my fence, which was placed there to stop them, but to no avail, I reported this to the police which came out straight away as I am classed as vunrable. Before the police came out I got my youngest daughter to lay traps, this is what I ve done.

If you know where they are comming in at, I suggest you do the same.

Under the fence where they climb in, I have had a large bucket of dirty rain water to greet them, around this for a few yards, I had my daughter brake up canes the sort you use in growing runner beans, make sure they are short, and stick them in the ground with just a few inchs about 3 to 4 " above the ground, its a Vietnam gorrilla tatic, which if they jump or walk on them, the sticks will go straight through their feet. I told the police what I had done, they went and looked out at my garden to let me know what to do, and said they seen my bucket of water and sticks in the ground and said they liked it, in fact they told me to sharpen the sticks even more , he he haha, they advised me to get anti vandal paint, which I told them the housing organisation said I could nt do that, they were not pleased with that, then asked which housing assocation I was with, and told me to put it up and to say I am entitled to protect my home. So not all police are useless nor judgemental of taking prevention of protecting our property. Hope this helps you good luck, by the way if any law asks what the sticks are there for it s to tell you where your tulips are hehe haha wink . ; O ))

5 Dec, 2010


Thanks everyone, especially you Sixpence. I live in a ground floor flat on an estate, and the garden is therefore not protected, and therefore is vulnerable and so the "traps" would be of no use, but certainly seem a good idea.

I will try to repair what I can, but I will have to wait until it warms up a bit, because all I have is superglue.

5 Dec, 2010


Be careful not to antagonise them further, Alex - if the Police are helping you, that's the route to take in your case, I'd have thought. What they've done now is criminal damage, so action should be taken. Good luck.

5 Dec, 2010


He gets annoyed when things are put right, and at one point at the beginning of Summer he gave up for a bit, just as I put right one last bit before the public meeting with The Safer Neighbourhoods Team

He became fed up with no fuss being made, just repiars and replacements.

It wasn't cheap, but I didn't waste time in oputting it right.

I have spent over £200 over my time putting criminal damage and vadalism right due to him.

Over £500 in getting the gaarden up to scratch normally

Over £700 has been spent, and that is about 1 months wages for me. NOT CHEAP.

If I don't sort it out nobody will, and he will win.

5 Dec, 2010


whilst I can understand your anger I have a similar pot to the one you show split in 3. Mine is the same and it is down to the frost. The compost freezes and the water /ice expands and the pot cant cope with the pressure.

5 Dec, 2010


I will be off to B&Q on the way to work and buy 2 pots of similar size from the garden centre section to replace the ones that are broken.

I hear wht you are saying Seaburngirl, it just seems to much of a coincidence tht other things seemed to have happened in the same night. Also, the pot appeared alright during the colder weather, but I do understand what you are saying about the ice. You see it broke when the weather started to warm up slightly here.

5 Dec, 2010


Thats what happened to mine, the ice held it together and then the thaw saw it dropping off. But you are right about the other 'things' falling/being damaged.

Just a thought, were there any footprints in the snow?
10 yrs ago a youth was arrested for a burgulary and asked how the police had tracked him down so quickly. it was pointed out he had left his footprints in the snow. not one of the brightest thieves in the jail. Lots of laughter in court!

5 Dec, 2010


Earlier this year and at the beginning of this month police tracked burglars footprints in the snow.

There were footprints, new and old around the garden.

5 Dec, 2010


Thank you Alextb such a shame you are exposed to this.
I did hear about that buglar. The same happened once where I once lived it was a young lad but they could never catch him then he got caught the same way, the mother tried to defend and lie for him but the police said there was only one set of foot prints early hours of the morning which led from the burglary to his house, then they seen his snowed boots in the hall still with snow on them, so they arrested him there and then.

5 Dec, 2010

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