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The anti-social behaviour continues during snow


By alextb


Those of you who have visited my blogs before have asked me to keep you up to date on what has been going on concerning the anti-social behaviour.

I had a feeling that what I am about to tell was going to happen when thw snow eventually hit London. It happened last year.

Wednesday 1st December:

Approximately 20 snowballs hit the bathroom window when I went in and the little brat shouted “What are you going to do about it 4 eyes?”

My Mum reckons they could tell because I am taller than my sister and Mum and could see the outline.

Another few hit my bedroom window

2 more hit the living room window.

2 hit my sisters window

2 More hit the living room window.

Thursday 2nd December

The culprit launched 9 snowballs, and stops when a neighbour comes out, and when the neighbour went in, he threw another 4.

I believe that these snowballs were very compacted because they made almighty bangs when they hit, which they hadn’t done yesterday, they just made a small bang.

The loud bangs made me think that the windows in my bedroom were going to give way.

Saturday 4th December

My Mum is shouted at and hit with 2 snowballs on her way back from the local shop.

am thankful that the tempreature has gone up to 5c and the snow is melting quickly. Hopefully by the time the temps go down tonight all that will be left is melted snow and this will leave ice.

i purchased 2 CCTV cameras and recorders and they are now recording the vulnerable parts of the property.

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This is awfull do you know why you and your family are being victimised ? Or is it your neigbours as well ?:-((

5 Dec, 2010


I'm very sorry for you. This must be so upsetting. I hope you can capture some good footage on your cameras as evidence.

6 Dec, 2010


It sounds like a good reason to call the police, to me, Alex. If nothing else, the complaint will be on file if there is further harassment or damage.

6 Dec, 2010


I did attempt to call the Safer Neighbourhoods Team who are really clued up on him, but they were not on duty. It would stop before a patrol car would have arrived.

I am due to go down to the station soon when one of the PC's is ready to take a statement and he has asked me to take with a log that I have been keeping as proof when I go there.

6 Dec, 2010

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