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Wind & Rain


By alextb


I am hoping that the strong winds and heavy rain don’t damage any of my pants especially the tall ones as they are more susceptable to wind and rain.

I already know that we are due 40-50mph winds according to the weather report, and our train had to wait for a large tree to be cleared from the tracks on my way to work this morning.

Fingers crossed that the rain just waters the garden and the wind does little more that make the plants sway a bit.

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Sorry Alex,but this made me smile...I hope the strong winds and heavy rain doesn't damage your PANTS either...or your plants Lol :o))))

8 Nov, 2010


Here here, Bloomer!!! Oh thats just made my day after such a dismal start, even the sun has come out and smiled now!!

8 Nov, 2010


Well I hope the forecast is wrong for you like it was for me.
We were supposed to get strong gales and torrential rain, - but we only had a few showers overnight, and today is nice and sunny.
So much for the forecast !

8 Nov, 2010


I have alraedy experienced the winds and rain on the way to work today, and by looking out the window.

Plus, thanks for pointing out that typo, it made me laugh also, which made me feel a bit better. I did mean plants, but for all you knew I could have had delicate pants on a washing line.


8 Nov, 2010


Oh . . . . . tall PLANTS!
And there was I thinking you were talking about tall BLOOMERS!!!

8 Nov, 2010


lol i smiled to i am allways missspelling !!!! and pants to the wether haha ;0p

8 Nov, 2010


Good one, Jason :) We've had high winds all last night and plenty of rain all night and through a lot of today. It's certainly getting the rest of the leaves off the trees! I hope you find your plants aren't too battered, Alex...I guess it will be dark when you return home so may be morning before you know for certain.

Here's to a calm night for you, Alex...with no more high-jinks from the locals.

8 Nov, 2010


Glad it made you smile Alex,a little light relief helps a dark day ..hope you are feeling a bit better,and hope this awful weather has its good keeping the yobs off the streets...!
Lol,Jason...that couldn't have been a better word association ,could it? you made me smile too,.twice in one day :o))

8 Nov, 2010


Thanks Whistonlass,and the plants look O.K. I managed to get home just before it was too dark to see my plants.

My pants (bloomers) got wet, and nearly blew off the line, so maybe I should just dry them instead.


The responses to my mispelling has really made me laugh and cheered me up. I did need cheering up, which Whistonlass just touched on at the end of their comment.

8 Nov, 2010


It is good to see so many people with a sense of humour. Well we can't all be grumpy now can we.

8 Nov, 2010


Thats more like it Alex, :o)).anyway,you weren't being grumpy..I would have felt just the same..Think we all would..What is needed is a GOY vigilante group coming round your way..soon be sorted then..!!

8 Nov, 2010


Just read these comments ... still laughing aloud at the typo ... were they Aertex long john pants ... wind would have gone right through them! Good to know you're smiling at all this nonsense, Alex. : o ))

8 Nov, 2010


Have been quietly reading about your "situation" Alex - utterly ridiculous, in this day and age!!!!!! This posting, however, has made many of us laugh and be a bit happier, in these days of doom and gloom. At least the rain meant that you didn't have to "hose" your pants....I mean pLants. Am glad that you didn't correct the misspelling. Wish I could come round and do something about those yobs!!!!

8 Nov, 2010


wens the next bus then every one !!!! wish we all cud .... at least you cheered up xxx they need a kik in there pants lol

9 Nov, 2010


"Avast ye lubbers" says David, weilding a cutlass.

I can just see the whites of their eyes now - hahahaha

11 Nov, 2010

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