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By alextb


Again, I am in fear for my safety as last night at around 7:30pm a group of teenagers ecided to smash a load of windows in the communal block, and the police were called.

An officer drew her asp (baton) when approcahing the doors and shouted at someone demanding they put the weapon down.

There was a lot of glass, and as a witness, I was threatened, and they said they would put my windows in.


I don’t want to live there anymore. I am too scared to just go out and tend to teh garden.

All my fight has gone, and I just feel like giving up.

I have no idea if any damage was done to the garden, but I hope not.

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You are really having an awful time Alex..I can't even begin to know how you are feeling.,as I am so lucky not to have these experiences where I live.Please try to be strong,and I sincerely hope you see an end to all this soon..maybe the scum involved will be dealt with accordingly this that is what they least you can write your feelings down on GoY,and all your friends are here to may help you relieve the frustration you are so rightly feeling...take care ....

8 Nov, 2010


Thank you so much Bloomer

8 Nov, 2010


One of the things I have learned from my travels around the world, is that people live everywhere and anywhere.
To that end, so can you.
You are not trapped where you are, indeed, a far better quality of life awaits you on the other side of the fence. There is always something better, so riding out a storm is not always the best option, especially if rain is forecast :)

8 Nov, 2010


Hello Alex,
So sorry to hear about all this difficult stuff spoiling your life at present. A garden should be a peaceful safe haven not a riot yard. I sincerely hope things are dealt with for you much more swiftly and effectively now. I'm learning the hard way (healthwise) that you have to fight very hard to get anywhere, just at the moments you feel you do not have the strength.
Don't give up. Perhaps take a moment to write down all the options available to you to improve the situation, that has helped me today.
Good luck. We'll all be rooting for you.

8 Nov, 2010


I wish there was something more that could be done, Jasonf has a point. Have you tried writing to your MP, maybe get others to do the same?

8 Nov, 2010


The MP, Safer Neighbourhood Police Team and Coucnil all know what is oing on, but the MP gets the same responses as me when he challenges the police abnd council which is" we are sorting it". They are obviously not, and it is getting worse, and really getting me down.

8 Nov, 2010


o dear i do hope it gets sorted soon ... its such a shame wen you carnt get in your garden keep your chin up love xx

8 Nov, 2010


Alex, your distress is obvious and for good reason. It is so upsetting to know that thugs like the ones causing you all the problems are able to roam around and intimidate those in the neighbourhood by threats and in some cases, action of a destructive nature.

I too hope that the police having to respond and the youths having weapons may cause the police to take action. If their officers are threatened it will hit pretty close to home!

I know your avatar says you live in London so I can imagine it isn't easy to find somewhere to relocate. And anyhow, it shouldn't have to be you that moves....the thugs need sorting out. I believe if they are council tenants then action can be taken against them to remove them from their own properties...maybe that is a possibility?

Just keep posting blogs and getting reassurance and support from all the GoY friends you have here.

8 Nov, 2010


Thank you for all the supportive comments and I will certainly keep blogging, as so many people seem to help me feel better.

I have lived here for 13 years, so that also makes me less than happy at the thought of having to move because of thugs, and according to the tenancy agreement, one of the main culrits should have been out years ago.

I attempted to speak to my Neighbourhood Manager today, and got her colleague instead as she was annual leave. He doesn't know all the ins and outs as she does, but he was so much more helpful and has put in an order for a fireproof letterbox to help us feel safer and gave me some advice on how to help us feel safer in other ways.

I want him, as she is useless and he seemed so nice, and understanding like you guys.

I have let the Safer Neighbourhood Team, and it means that it may have been a blessing in disguise that I haven't made the statement yet, as I have more content to add.

8 Nov, 2010


Oh Alex, I am so sorry that you have to put up with this; it's awful to feel unsafe in your own home. I'm often uncomfortable here....I have creepy neighbors, there are meth houses down the road & people are just uncivilized. Last night I got home from work, my dogs were in the backyard and they started barking when I drove up, so my neighbor to the left discharged his gun several times, probably to shut my dogs up, but of course that just made things worse. In addition this neighbor lets his dogs run loose and they are always on my property; they've attempted to attack my Jack Russell when I'm walking him on a lead. I can't say anything because, well, they have guns, they have no respect for the law or anybody else, and if I open my mouth I'll find my house burned down or my dogs shot. They have already shot arrows into my backyard at the dogs. The arrows cannot have come from anyplace else but their property.

8 Nov, 2010


I feel so bad I have had one flower pot stolen and my son has had his car vandalised outside our house tonight his wing mirror was kicked off his car but that does not compare to what you and Laura have had to put up with I dont know the answer because we have just spoken to my partners son in law who works for the met police in london and they are having trouble in their area too with not much help and he is feeling frustrated too!

8 Nov, 2010


thinking of you alex,chris

9 Nov, 2010


I don't know what to say....
Our society is crippled by political correctness ("they're not children, they're little people", "it's not their fault, they have ADHD" etc). For christs sake, teachers can't shout at pupils as it's bullying!
If these animals keep this up long enough, they will get caught and sent on a safari to Africa when they should be sent off to an island for a Battle Royale scenario (if you don't know, this is the Wiki link..... ).
I can personally sympathise with how you feel - fortunately, it's only our business that's affected and can find refuge at home.
All that I can suggest is that you get the media on your side. Try to get photographs and video of them in action and set upon a campaign to destroy them (and their families) locally. Make more noise to your MP, local police and them use the various digital media to make your grievances public. You can't do this alone though, it has to be a community effort.
My thoughts are with you.

9 Nov, 2010


I am trying to use my previous experience to keep myself calm. In the past the things that have made me so scared, have usually fizzled down in the end to something less sinister, but I still feel a little on edge.

It would be lovely to have YOUNGER neighbiours who woud be willing to tackle the problems, as I generally speak to older residents who have harsh feelings, but are too frail to carry out any of the thoughts they have on tackling him. (Some of which would not be totally legal.)

I will carry on badgering the police, council and MP, because I have had enough and should NEVER be afraid to be in my OWN house.

I have sympathy with Laura. It is terrible the way society treats the little "darlings". National Service may be a good idea. A 20 year old saying National Service sounds odd to me, as it is usually the older people who mention that.

Any young offenders should be given this, and then they may learn some vital life skills.

9 Nov, 2010


thinking of you... and wishing you peace and safety in your neighbourhood...

9 Nov, 2010


Thank you Terratoonie.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words of support.

9 Nov, 2010


I have just phoned the Safer Neighbourhood Team, and the PCSo who answered has said that she will come and visit me at 7:30pm today, just to have a chat and see what's going on.

She will also speak to the Constable before she comes round to see when he will be able to do the statement as one of the PC's will need to do it.

Fingers crossed that I can get some answers.

I'll report back.

10 Nov, 2010


I am so sorry to hear of your neighbourhood problems - it must be terrifying for you.

You may have more luck if you write to the newspapers as they always seem to embarrass officials into taking action or to one of the television programmes that deal with this sort of thing.

I must admit I am so lucky in the village where I live as we have very little crime and with it being so small there is no room for these sort of people to move in.

Mind you even here my son had his brand new motor bike stolen several years ago, but mostly it is very peaceful I'm glad to say.

I don't know if you belong to a church but you could also speak to your priest about this if you do, at least for a comforting ear and to be honest I think the more people you get involved the more action you will get.

Keep safe.

10 Nov, 2010


still thinking of you Alex, I think Whistonlass is spot on - you can at least continue letting off steam to us, we don't mind. A problem shared and all that! I too tend to get over anxious about problems and then they just seem insurmountable.
I was only going to suggest in addition (but probably you have already) that you keep a detailed log of dates and times of incidents, even if not always with identified culprits - the more detail you can provide the better, with other witnesses if you can. It will also accurately record the frequency of all that's going on and shouldn't be. I totally understand what you mean about frailer and older residents, but they can still provide support for you by witnessing incidents I think. It all helps a bit towards your goal.
Hope it all goes well with the PC this evening anyway.
Take care.

10 Nov, 2010


I have kept a detailed log thanks Weeding, and the Police didn't come over due to an incidenmt thatb they had to do door to door enquiries.

I ahd to find this out when I phoned half an hour after they were due to arrive, and the PCSO told me that she would have to attend tomorrow instead.

She is due Today at 7:30pm

11 Nov, 2010


And so the waiting continues, Alex? How frustrating. I hope they have turned up tonight and that you have a good result from the meeting.

11 Nov, 2010


The PCSO turned up yesterday and she took some notes and looked at the log entries I have.

The PC e-mailed me after she left and he has arranged for me to go to the Police Station on Sunday to make the statement.

12 Nov, 2010


Moving in the right direction, Alex, that is encouraging :)

12 Nov, 2010


oh good, glad to hear something is happening at last.

12 Nov, 2010


Hope you are going to get something positive done at last Alex,and hope your visit on Sunday gets things moving..good luck :o))

13 Nov, 2010

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