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FINALLY! Will I get peace?


By alextb


The police are finally takinhg statements from many residents including myself to do with various counts of criminal damage, harassment, threats etc…

Maybe my garden could be safe before my Soring bulbs appear, because I do not want over 250 bulbs to be destroiyed just as they come up.

I was hoping one day the boy who keeps destroying my garden would get his comeuppance.

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I hope they're able to do something about it. I can understand how distressed it makes you feel. Hopefully you get some peace of mind now, and be able to enjoy your garden

1 Nov, 2010


I do hope you get justice and peace .....

... suffering due to horrible, uncaring people in your neighbourhood is soul-destroying and stressful.....

1 Nov, 2010


good thats wot we like to hear!!

1 Nov, 2010


I too hope you are going to be able to enjoy your 'space' without hindrance from local youth. It is good to hear the police will take action. Good news!

1 Nov, 2010


Here`s hoping something gets done for you now, its a shame its had to come to this but unfortunately there are always going to be nasty, mindless morons around, trouble is when caught they very often get better treatment than the victim........

1 Nov, 2010


Thank you for all your messages of support.

I have been having trouble personally from him for just over a year.

He has been causing trouble for over 10 years and has broken a few clauses in the council tenancy agreement , but the Neighbourhood Manager refuses to act.

Before anything was done I had to get in contact with the police Inspector to finally get the ball rolling.

I should have only had to tell teh Safer Neighbourhoods Team and they should have done something, rather than having to contact a senior officer.

HOPEFULLY something will be done.

I will keep you updated.

1 Nov, 2010


can you get photo evidence and could they give him an asbo?
its time they sorted this out ~ its not fair to have mob rule

1 Nov, 2010


Theb are aware that I have 2 CCTV cameras, and the Neighbourhood Manager asked about a CCTV camera which watches the front door to our property, but I heard nothing back.

They said that my reports to them were better evidence than CCTV.

If anything shows up on CCTV, then it will of course be provided to them.

He has an ABC (Acceptable Behaviour Contrcat) which is a voluntary contract that he signs to say that he will behave, and I have a Harassment Order against him, both of which he has broken on countless occasions.

He was arrested once for breaching his Harassment order, and he was not cahrged through lack of evidence due to the lack of CCTV down the main road.

You can bet that if a police car or van turns up, he will be involved somehow, and he has been arrested so many times, but is never charged.

Something must be done SOON!

My mothers health is being made worse by the constant stress and jumping everytime there is a noise or aknock at the door is no way to live.

Ever since this started I have kept a detailed log with times, dates and a detailed description which is continually passed to the police.

For now, all I can do is cross my fingers.

1 Nov, 2010


Keep positive Alextb...
you deserve an easier life after all this hassle xxx

1 Nov, 2010


It's strange that the police think your statements are better than CCTV. When we had incidents in our newsagent's shop (particularly when I was robbed once) the first thing the police chastised us for was lack of CCTV evidence! It is good that you've kept a record of incidents...that will be very useful to the police.

I'm sad to learn that your mom is upset by it all too....and really hope you get results that are lasting. It seems the courts are powerless to sort criminal behaviour with appropriate (to us) sentencing.

1 Nov, 2010


perhaps you could plant something like gunnera ~ or anything prickly ?

1 Nov, 2010


I was thinking of prickly too or is there a plant that would make the hands smell awful for ages afterwards or stain badly.....

1 Nov, 2010


Good luck, let's hope that he gets what's coming to him!
The animals who did £20k of damage at our workshop are no nearer to being caught, but hope springs eternal always.

1 Nov, 2010


How disheartening for you Meanie. I remember you posting about this...are you able to keep things afloat in your business, despite the actions of these irresponsible idiots?

It does give you some satisfaction if the culprits can be caught but often there isn't enough evidence to bring a conviction. I hope in your case you do get some answers.

1 Nov, 2010


To be honest WL, the money isn't an issue - we've been doing very well for years, and the recession has been kind to us. But I do fully understand how Alex is feeling - it's soul destroying! We do have a potential buyer, but there are a couple of stumbling blocks (and it's a few years earlier than planned).
Let's just hope that Alex is about to get a result now!

1 Nov, 2010


Yes, Alex needs to be able to enjoy his home and garden. I too hope he soon has results.

I am also pleased that you are continuing to do well in your business, Meanie.

1 Nov, 2010


Glad to hear that you may be getting justice at last Alex!
~sorry to hear about your problems Meanie and hope your sale goes through~ back in the day when vandalism and crime weren't a problem my uncle had a large market garden in East Anglia and the veg went on the train and wound up fresh in London instead of arriving by plane~ When he got too old to manage it himself and his two daughters didn't want to know he sold up and they put a housing estate on it~will yours still be a going concern?
It must be hard to start up a great business from scratch and then have to walk away sooner than you planned.

1 Nov, 2010


The conflicting ideas of having CCTV or reports is just further evidence of lack of communication or consistency within the police service. My office in London was burgled once and one Officer asked me for information on the cleaners we employed. Later I spoke on the telephone to another Officer who remonstrated with me for suggesting the cleaners could POSSIBLY (not DEFINITELY) be to blame!

The strong wind blew a biscuit wrapper out of my hand as I was giving the biscuit to my baby in her buggy and, before I could pick it up, a Police Officer gave me a lecture on not dropping litter. Several years later I had a minor traffic accident in a country lane which broke my side light. The Police Officer pulled off the broken light and threw it into the hedge!

This is all very minor compared to your troubles, Alex, but I feel if only the Police could get their act together with consistency more criminals would be dealt with properly and people like you and your mother would not be caused so much stress.

Bit of a rant, but I feel so strongly that if what people in authority percieve as 'minor troubles' were dealt with earlier and more strongly then they would have less 'major troubles' to deal with which would mean less stress for all concerned. Rant over! :o\

2 Nov, 2010

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