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Tidying made it bare.


By alextb


I tidied away a lot of dead foliage and now a patch of my small patch of garden looks bare.

I ned to get planting next years seeds,a nd possibly, some plants to brighten it up in the meantime.

I was surprised at how bare the tidying made it look. The garden looks msierable wuith the bare patch eventough a lot of ther remaining plants are healthy and full of colour.

Need to get to work fast as the garden is seen by many as the patch of garden is right by the road that many cars and residents walk and drive past who I know notice that garden because they have always comented on it when walking and driving past and like to see what new plants appear, and how well the plants are doing. just need top wait until I get paid to get to work.

The local Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team also comment and are cintinulally cheking up on it due to the repeated attacks on it, and one of ther PCSO’s also loves gardening loves stopping for a few minutes to look at it, so with all the attention and neighbours continually watching out for trouble it is an eyesore fior many including myself.

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Yes you'd better get planting Alex ... sounds like the locals enjoy your efforts!

26 Jul, 2010


I have the same problem - my bleeding hearts haven't done well with the extreme heat and, while I'm sure there's life in there someplace, they've turned yellow and I've had to cut them down. Leaving a sad barren spot by my front steps where it's visible, unfortunately. I had purchased 3 more southern wood ferns to plant with the new hellebores so I wound up just sticking them next to the bleeding hearts instead. Looks much better.

26 Jul, 2010


I have been out this morning and picked up 3 large plants 3 small plants (both on offer, 3 for£5 and 3 for £10) and 3 packets of seeds.

After work and shall be planting and sowing, so that the barren patch is not more

27 Jul, 2010


sorry to hear about the attacks on your lovely garden,this yobs have no morals,wonder if their parents know what their little darlings are getting up too!!

10 Aug, 2010


The main culprit:

The mother is aware, but as long as her little darling is out of her hair, and the police don't turn up on her doorstep, she doesn't care what he does.

Sadly for her, I keep sending the police updates and I am well known to the Safer Neighbourhoods Team who always ask me how things are gong, and yes, they also turn up on her doorstep when I report his actions.

10 Aug, 2010

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