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Mid May Musings


By ahhhh


Well, loads of flowers seedlings are coming up now, looks to be, at this stage, getting on of almost 100%, fingers crossed.

The first radishes are getting fat, they don’t seem to be suffering for the super intensive spacing I’ve used, not so far anyway. Pak choi looks absolutely fantastic.

I’m swithering about transplanting leeks and onions into the beds now as they seem to be outgrowing their fibre pots but I’m a bit scaredy. I’m also not that happy about having used fibre pots for the leeks because I now have to find a way of getting them into their holes while they clearly will not want to come out of those pots – their roots are poking through the bottom of them.

I’ve shifted my butternut squash plants into some enormous pots I got from ASDA, one plant in each in two pots, and two plants together in one of them. That leaves me another two giant pots for my two pumkin seedlings, that’ll no doubt be the size of the house next week, at the rate their growing.

My tomato plants are about 10 cm tall now so I’m thinking I’m going to have to move them to their grow bags really soon.

Eight of my ten courgette plants have germinated (that should be enough I guess).

My chillis and peppers still only have their cotyledons, boy are they slow.

Strawberries are going wild, loving the polytunnel. Some of the older smaller plants have fruits forming, no doubt they’ll be small. The plants that came from last year’s sowing are huge, the have massive leaves, and they just keep producing more and more. I’m guessing they’ll be pretty productive later in the year.

With all this going on I’m running right out of space in my polytunnel. I can see me quickly reaching the point where I’ll have no space for my 18 trays of seedlings, once all the veggies are in their grow bags. Suggestions very welcome :)

Flower seedlings:

Big strawberry plant:

Little strawberry fruits:



Pak Choi:

Peppers and Chillies:


Fat radish:


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sounds like you working hard..keep up the effort and stay keen its extremely rewarding..thanks for sharing your thoughts

12 May, 2011


Running out of space can be a problem I know from past experience, in fact my toms were already in their final places whilst I was still using the high staging above them for seedlings, I use newspaper for my sweetpeas and beans, that way I don`t have to disturb the roots, just a thought for next years leeks, makes life a lot easier, it soon rots in the ground.
All doing well for you......

12 May, 2011


Thanks, encouragement and tips much appreciated :)

12 May, 2011


Love all the pictures of the seedlings. I'm glad I am not the only person with no space left in the greenhouse. Also running around making sure all my baby plants are watered and not too hot and not too cold.
We have built a temporary cold frame. This is the second year we've done it and it is useful. It's made out of old windows and a piece of rigid plastic for the roof. I put things in there to harden off or just when i need the space in the greenhouse. There is a picture of it on my blog. It makes use of space that will be used for veg in a few weeks.

13 May, 2011


lots growing in there Ahhh, can i suggest you get another tunnel or greenhouse lol,i have much the same growing as you do & i have run out of space too... but i still keep sowing more seeds, oh i think its an illness, are there any gardening councilors out

13 May, 2011


Yeah, the thing is, if I had another one, I'd overfill it too. It's a sickness, admit. I think a cold frame might be an idea though. I have lots of spare bubble wrap, and some canes.....

13 May, 2011


hmm.. now thats a good idea for when it stops raining..:o)

13 May, 2011


My goodness, you have been so busy with your plantings. Everywhere looks so healthy with really good plants about. I hope they all grow for you.

13 May, 2011

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