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What's happening at the start of May


By ahhhh


Here’s whats happening in the moron gardner’s vegetable garden. It would be nice if I had more of a clue about what I was doing – last year was great for lettuce and herbs, but everything else was basically rubbish. This year I’m hoping that some lessons learned and a lot more investment will make for a much better harvest. Fingers crossed!

Inside the tunnel:

My oldest cucumber, two others died after the stems got too long and broke (while waiting for the tunnel to arrive; apparently the kitchen work surface is more shady than I realised):



Some strawberries I tried to grow from seed last summer. I thought they had failed and so left the pots lying unwatered outside all winter. Turns out I was wrong and a couple of weeks in the polytunnel has seen them increase in size probably by 5 times:

More cucumber, the insurance policy seedlings:

Peppers and chillies finally appeared this week, thought it would never happen:

Hollyhocks have germinated:

Some lupins have appeared too:

Peas and mangetout have germinated well:

First radishes and lettuce (I really need to thin the lettuce I think, so many wee jobs to do…):

Spinach I think??:

Swedes are getting large. I transplanted them (what I thought to be) a bit early because their fibre pots were getting badly mouldy. I might be brave enough to thin them this week:

Newly acquired this week, rhubarb, never seen it in a shop before:

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Keep us updated with photos right up to the plate please.

1 May, 2011


Love to :)

1 May, 2011


Well done you ?

Look forward to progress blog.

1 May, 2011


Now why a moron??? Its all looking good from where I`m sitting, keep up the good work.
By coincedence I also am only left with two cucumbers, something pesky ate the others, no backup here as yet....

1 May, 2011


you have been really busy! they are looking good.

1 May, 2011


Thanks for the votes of confidence, much appreciated :)

1 May, 2011


You are never too old to learn, it is looking good, we all learn from experience, if you never make a mistake you never learn a thing. Good luck with the garden and keep going it is such good fun and helps to keep you fit, well that is what I keep telling myself. lol.

2 May, 2011


I agree with Lincs, there's nothing moronic about your garden! It's all looking fine at the moment! I have found that when your thinning your veg, sometimes it's just easier to cut the top off the plant you don't want, at ground level, rather than trying to pull the whole plant up; there's less risk of disturbing or damaging the root system of the thinned plant you're trying to keep. There now, clear as mud!! Try both ways and see what works for you...if it doesn't...I'm emigrating!! Lol! ;0) Welcome to Goy!

2 May, 2011


Hi Libet,

Thanks very much. That's exactly what I've been doing when thinning, it's much easier that way if nothing else :)

3 May, 2011


That's brilliant!! And I can stay in the country! Whoohoo!

4 May, 2011

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