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J Parkers Appalling Service


By ads2020


Really bad experience with J Parkers. Ordered bulbs over 5 weeks ago, they have not appeared. Call after call with various excuses given, including one that I’ve seen flagged elsewhere, regarding lost transit paperwork. They clearly have stock answers to fob people off with. Not to be trusted and my small claims court action might make them pay attention

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I ordered with J Parkers once and decided to cancel one item, and had a problem receiving a refund.

After reading through terrible review after terrible review, I decided to cancel my whole order.

It took me over a month of non-stop pestering to actually get my refund.

I will never order from them again.

They sent me a catologue and I just crossed out my address and wrote return to sender.

15 Oct, 2014


I ordered some yellow summer flowering anemones. They turned out to be the common pink ones. I complained and they replaced them the following spring - with more of the same!

I've no complaints about their bulbs though.

15 Oct, 2014


I've given up with mail order......
local markets are better here.

16 Oct, 2014


Ive never had a problem getting refunds and one year the lily bulbs turned up rotten. I calmly rang and explained my dilemma and offered to send a phot of bulbs to confirm their state. They sent a replacement within 2 days and said to pot the others up anyway as they may still grow. they also threw in some tulips as a good will gesture.
I do find the plug plants poor in comparison though. but they are relatively cheap so that's partly why.

16 Oct, 2014


I haven't had any problems with Parker's and I get most of my bulbs from them every year. Their prices are really good in bulk and it saves me a fortune. I wouldn't buy plants, though. (I did once and they weren't good). My order came through within two weeks this autumn.

What a shame you've had problems, ads2020.

17 Oct, 2014


Sorry you've had problems, I've bought from Parkers for several years now, and speak as you find, I've had good service from them.
With every order, I've received a free gift which was really good, I especially liked the dwarf Buddleia "Blue Chip" which is thriving.

20 Oct, 2014

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