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A wild garden on the steppes of the wild west


I call my garden the “Quince” Garden, since I live on Quince Street in the very heart of the largest megalopolis of the Rocky Mountain region (roughly 3 and a half million people in the Front Range corridor). I was fortunate to find a half acre lot with great mountain views. We have had one of the wettest summers in Colorado history, and the garden has been a delight!

This is my view southeasterly from my living room window: early summer, the borders in transition…

A view from the southwest corner of the garden over the grand “Xeriscape”, now full of regal larkspur and mullein

I do like mulleins: this one is Verbascum bombyciferum

A few vignettes: Egyptian onion, a cactus trough, Eremurus stenophyllus and lots of larkspur. Did I say lots of larkspur?

Have I mentioned that I’m nuts about poppies? In the foreground is Roemeria hybrida, which I can’t have enough of. In the background, innocent looking Papaver dubium, which I am trying to get rid of (need any?)

Oh yes. I do grow a few larkspur: this is Delphinium regalis, with a clump of Dianthus giganteus in the middle (one of my favorite pinks)…

I am very fond of all manner of irises: on these dry berms I have over 100 kinds of Aril and Arilbreds which love the drainage and full sun.

I end with a glimpse of my rock garden: my favorite part of the garden. Here I grow over 1000 kinds of alpines and actually keep things under control (no larkspur here! OK, just that clump by the pond.)…some day perhaps I shall invite you to stroll up the garden path!

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Do you grow any larkspur?...Lol!;0) Is it a particular favourite, or has it just run away with you! Whatever! They're fantastic! I can't grow them at all!! I can grow most things...but not larkspur...!
Anywhoo! I forgot to say on your last lovely blog... "Welcome to Goy!" I hope you love it as much as the rest of us. Your garden is glorious! Beautiful planting, lovely colours, shapes, contrasts, it's just bursting with stealable ideas! Thanks for another beautiful blog Acantholimon, theres just something glorious about your garden

19 Aug, 2011


Hi and welcome to GOY from me also, you have a fabulous garden.

19 Aug, 2011


Thank you both for your kind remarks: yes, Libet, I love blue and yes, I have let them run amok. But they are not too hard on their neighbors in the gardens I grow them in.

Thanks to you too,Drc726, for welcoming me as well: there are comparable websites based in the USA (Daves Garden for instance), but this one seemed more interesting. Although of Greek ancestry, and born and bred in Colorado, I seem to be an English gardener (or should I say British? I love Scotland a lot!)...For the last thirty or more years I've gotten to Britain every other year at least, sometimes twice a year and once thrice in one year. Although I visit new gardens each of my dozens of trips, I seem hardly to have scratched the surface!

20 Aug, 2011


Welcome from me too, nice to see gardens from different countries..and what a garden! It is wonderful..:o)
glad you enjoy our British types,and nice to be able to visit a lot of them...hope you manage to see more.:o)

20 Aug, 2011


Welcome Acantholimon - what a wonderful garden, when looking at your lovely photos I had to check where you were living - there is something rather English (or British) about it. I love Scotland too.

I love your rock garden and did I mention the larkspur?

I would love to see more views down the garden path and maybe a peep of those mountains? Please?

I am fascinated to know if you have dinosaurs living in your garden - as in your avatar?

20 Aug, 2011


You embarrass me, Stickitoffee! I picked the Tyrannosaurus on a whim: I couldn't upload my Acantholimon picture, and the dinosaur seemed a bit prickly! We had a dinosaur exhibit three years ago (not quite on the level of our Henry Moore's!). I'm glad you picked up on our British flavor: all Americans are absurdly Anglophile you know. My mentor, Paul Maslin (a great gardener who lived near me growing up), was of English background, although he was born and grew up in China! His garden had a huge influence on me and Denver Botanic Gardens. You Brits get around...but then so do we Greeks.

You have inspired me to upload some more pictures! Tonight however (we have a shimmering, perfect summer day to garden!).

20 Aug, 2011


There are some wonderful plants growing in china - I shall look forward to these pictures now!

20 Aug, 2011

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