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Has Spring sprung?


Well, here I am back from sunny Spain. Last year we arrived back on 28th February, it was much like it is now about 20C and warm and sunny. Then on the 8th March we had about 30cm of snow, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I have a lovely display from the forsythia which is in its second year and always a nice spash of colour in early spring. I decided to just have clumps of daffodils around the garden this year and they are looking nice and cheerful as well. I planted up a few pots with tulips and hyacinths because I like the perfume outside my kitchen door, and they are all in bloom.

I have been digging the vegetable patch and the onions and garlic that I planted late last year are all looking good. I have sown my parsnip seeds……which is rather funny because yesterday I dug up the last of the parnips which had been there since my last sowing in March 2010!

Apart from that, lots of things are showing above the earth….. clematis, alium, crocosmia, michaelmas daisy and lots of leaf on the roses. I am a very impatient person and expect May in March, I go about staring at the ground willing things to grow! I am worse than ever this year with it being a new garden. I put in loads of little cuttings and roots last year, which I hope are still sitting under the earth…waiting…waiting….and will burst forth just when I turn my back!

In England I used to spend hours at this time of year sowing seeds and fiddling around in the greenhouse but I don’t have one now and so I just keep looking at the seed packets……..and waiting! I don’t seem to have the success with sowing seeds indoors , I have no window sills or places to put them. So I wait until the weather is more reliable and put them on the patio with polythene over them. They always seem to get too dry or too wet, I can’t seem to find a balance, and I don’t get very good results.

I’m going to have another wander about………

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Very nice pictures. I especially love the picture with the hyacinths. Very pretty.

26 Mar, 2011


Very pretty colours to welcome you, would you have room for a mini greenhouse, its surprising how much you can get in them.....

26 Mar, 2011


Thanks Alextb, they have a lovely perfume too.

I really think I must consider that, Lincslass because I have had so many disappointments. I was thinking of getting my hubbie to build me a cold frame as well.

26 Mar, 2011


I love all the spring bulbs :)
I always sew seeds late - I find I get better success. If I sew them early - either they fail, or if they grow I have nowhere to keep them all

27 Mar, 2011


That's another thought Hywel, I am just too keen! I read somewhere that they catch up, but I just want to get things moving with mental pictures of lovely flowers in full bloom, waving in the summer breeze.......then it snows :-))

27 Mar, 2011


Yes I know the feeling. I once remember planting some lovely pelargoniums all round the lawn - it was many years ago. I had cared tenderly for them all through the winter and they were in flower. We had a spell of nice weather so I planted them out.
Then the following week-end I woke up to about 2 inches of snow ! So I ran down the garden in my bed clothes and yanked them all up again :D
I have kept them in pots ever since lol

27 Mar, 2011


Wise move lol

27 Mar, 2011


Love the pot with the beautiful Hyacinths and can just imagine the wafts of perfume from them, you sound just like me, I am so impatient too, I also planted lots bare rooted plants and cuttings and have a scout around to see if they are showing each day! most are summer flowering plants so not many showing yet! I am also growing annuals from seeds sown in January they are growing now but very slowly, hopefully we will have a good April and I will be able to put them outside as I havent room for a greenhouse;0)

27 Mar, 2011


Whilst in England last October visiting my little granddaughter I bought several packets of seeds for summer flowers, Delphinium,Morning Glory, Helenium, Larkspur, Gaillardia...... do you think I have overdone it, Pansypotter? Most of them are for planting March/April in seed trays, I am hovering, shall I, shan't I, should I??? :-))

27 Mar, 2011


Go for it Troddles Larkspur and Delphinium were amongst the ones I planted and they germinated well, also planted Lavertera, Cosmos, Campanula, Foxgloves and Salvias , the planting not the problem its all the potting on afterwards that makes me think that perhaphs Ive overdone it lol;0)

27 Mar, 2011

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